The full list of compensatory picks in the 2020 NFL Draft:

The #Patriots were awarded an NFL-high four compensatory picks in the 2020 draft.




Tom Pelissero



The full list of compensatory picks in the 2020 NFL Draft:


If you’re wondering about comp pick specifics, here is the breakdown of what teams lost and gained.


What sucks about it is that we’re 10 picks deeper into round 4.

I wish our team was talented enough to get some comp picks every year.


We’ll get one next year for Glasgow, if we don’t sign any FA. That’s the problem, some fans want to let players go, some want the team to retain them, some want big name FA…can’t make everyone happy.

If you sign guys who get cut they don’t count against the comp pick formula. I don’t think trades count either.

No one works this system better than Belichick. 3 great front offices in New England, Philly and Seattle working the system. No surprise. No surprise to see a garbage front office like Detroit get nothing. The rich get richer.


I highly expect us to be buyers with BQ/MP needing to win now. So I do not expect us to be receiving any comp picks soon.

Correct trades do not count.

I’m not a fan of Comp picks for teams that are already among the leagues best. They pull too many good players out of the draft pool. You have bad teams trying to claw their way to being competitive so are signing more FA’s than they are able to lose. Of course the great teams can let more great players go and keep rolling in the draft. But if they want parity, having NE snagging extra 3rd round players isn’t the way to do it.

Wow… just… wow. Your mantel must be full of participation trophies. Picking high in the draft isn’t enough for you? Being first for waiver claims isn’t enough? No one is forcing bad teams to sign good teams cast offs. Everyone can work the system like Bill. The Lions just choose not to. They would rather blow their wads on guys like Flowers, Coleman, Lang, Mike Daniels, Rick Wagner, Danny Amendola, Jesse James…you know… good organizations cast offs.

You want to get better? There’s a simple way to do it:

  1. Draft better IE: don’t draft a TE at 8, don’t draft a 5th round pick (Tavai) in the 2nd, don’t trade up for garbage like Will Harris. Don’t consider taking a CB top 5 etc etc

  2. Hire an NFL caliber HC. Not a guy that should be hanging off the back of a garbage truck.

  3. Don’t sign elite teams cast offs. How many times does this not have to work before it stops?

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Why have Comp picks at all? If you are smart you don’t need to be given extra draft picks. Same argument. If you want to let more FA’s go than you pick up, that’s totally up to you. Picking high in the draft is fine, but handing out 3rd round talent and taking those players out of the draft pool artificially based on some formula and letting playoff teams get them is crap IMO. It’s basically made the whole second half of the 4th round, 5th round talent and sorry but that sucks.

Compensatory picks started in 1994. I think the rationale was correct, but it might be time to cap how many picks you can have according to how your team finished. The last CBA was a move that needed to happen, teams with hi picks were punished if those picks didn’t pan out AND you had rookies making more than any vet playing the game. I think cutting down on how many and how high would be a legitimate effort to level the playing field w/o simply rewarding crappy teams that insist on remaining crappy. I agree that if you don’t want to change the formula for how many, you should at least change the formula for what round you can be awarded picks. Personally I would like to see fewer picks and in later rounds.