The Greatest NFL Game That Nobody Watched

I was there in person.

Anyway, besides Stafford’s heroics at the end, it’s just a reminder that when people criticize Stafford for not winning in Detroit, they often forget just how bad the Lions defenses were, especially the secondaries.


Stafford highlights will be treated as Calvin and Barry highlights. He was that type of player. Yes, winning may help us reflect less on individual players, so here’s hoping we don’t self medicate with YouTube clips, but Lions history suggests it might be inevitable.

Disclaimer: Yes, of course I hope I’m wrong. No, I’m not a Lions slappy, I’m just a fan of over 30 years that has learned to distinguish reality from fantasy.


The saddest part about that game, is it’s Stafford’s legacy, it’s his greatest, most heroic game that he’s remembered for…and it’s against a 1-8 Cleveland shit-Brown’s team.

Such a good QB, such a warrior…and yet nothing. Had that Brown’s game been in a Superbowl, it would have been replayed like Joe Montana’s “the catch” but in reality it’s mostly, only known by Lion’s fans…and it’s not even really that significant in Lion’s history.

Wish you the best Matt, glad you were a Lion but sorry you had to waste your career here in Detroit.


Because no one cares when two awful teams, neither of which could play any semblance of defense, go at it.
And for the comment about had it been in the SB…please…the only team the Lions could hang with that year were teams like the Browns. The Lions couldn’t score against a good team and they couldn’t stop a good team that season.

Well, if we’re going to be sticklers for accuracy, the only other team the Lions “hung with” that year were the Redskins who they beat 19-14. Every other game resulted in a loss of 7 points or more and most were by far greater margins.

I don’t think many people outside of Lions fans really care too much about that game. Even if you made the 2 teams “better” in terms of record, I don’t think that’s all that great of a game. We enjoy it because “that’s our quarterback” and it was kind of Matt’s coming out party.

I think a game that I’ve seen people outside of Lions fans appreciate from “just a football fan” perspective was the 2012 Titans game.

Epic comeback in a meaningless game is the highlight of a 12 year career. The amazing win improved the Lions record to 2-8 and the Browns dropped to 1-9. Such a painful existence being a lions fan.

My favorite football memory.

That and being in a packed sports bar in New Orleans for the first game in the Superdome after Katrina. When Gleason blocked a punt, I swear I worried the place was gonna collapse with all the noise.

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The one thing stafford never gets credit for is how young he was. He came into the league at 20 years old. He took an entire franchise on his shoulders being the #1 pick. He never complained, he never made waves. He acted with the class and dignity that we’ve been spoiled with by our team captains over the years. I had the privilege of watching Trammell and Whitaker for the tigers, Thomas and Dumars for the pistons, yzerman and lidstrom for the wings, Barry, Calvin, Spielman for the lions. I’d put stafford right next to any of them as far as class acts and talent.