The Irishman

Anyone else excited to see this?

If it weren’t for the length, I’d wait until midnight tonight to watch it, but I’ll definitely be catching it tomorrow.

Yes! Half Irish so there’s that. But the quality I’m anticipating is palpable.

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Scorsese is probably my favorite director of all time. I’m definitely ready!


me. gonna wait til the weekend.

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Very excited for this one… I’m a big Italian mafia movie fan (it’s in my heritage), I’ve got relatives with stories of Jimmy Hoffa, memoirs that are locked up until their grandkids are dead to avoid reprocussions. It doesn’t get better than the godfather/goodfellas/casino for me.


Ditto! Fun stuff.

Living in Vegas, Casino is probably my favorite of them all. Makes me wish Stardust was still around!


First time I went to Vegas was probably in the late 80s…granted I was about 14 at the time and the mob had mostly been run out of Vegas by then, but I do remember going to the Stardust when I went there when I was 21 but it was in its end of days then. It looks like they are building a new resort casino in that spot.

I will be watching this movie soon, let the streams die down from the weekend.


Saw it, very long and takes its time but good acting and story line.

I was married to an Irish redhead for 29 years. I have 3 Irish kids.
I’ve seen the Irish, man!


IDK, I felt a little bit underwhelmed by it after having watched it today. I mean, it was solid, but I really didn’t feel the closing act like many others apparently did.

Yep, Resorts World. It looks just like Wynn that they’ve actually been sued because of it – especially since they’re across the street from eachother.

It’ll be the most expensive property in Strip history, and won’t open till 2021 despite taking forever as it is.

I honestly predict a major, major failure.

Here’s what the final product should look like:

OK. No spoilers, but some general comments, so look away if it will diminish your experience ( it’s like the paper bag trick for ugly chicks that way)

Not sure I like the CGI digitizing for DeNiro. Actually I am sure. Not at all.

Period piece details in sets and backgrounds, cars, smoking prevalence etc etc I liked.

Did Peschi try to play the opposite of every part he has ever played in that genre? Looks like it. Meh. OK I guess.

Pacino’s Hoffa seemed depth-less. Not bad, just not full.

Draggy. Easily could have cut half an hour.

I’d have to read the book to get into the storyline accuracy, but I did like the focus on Hoffa, though it also felt bait and switchy that way if you didn’t understand who the title character is, which most don’t.

Would have liked a little more union street level chicanery just to add a little more action. It is very very very narrative heavy.

I liked pulling the Kennedy thing in, and get that while I’d have liked a Mob/Joe Jack and Bobby intersection historical ficpic over a Hoffa one, I get you probably aren’t going to get a full “The Mob backed then whacked JFK” movie for many obvious reasons.

So, watched it, mostly enjoyed it, but way overhyped.

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I thought they could have done more with Hoffa’s true impact on labor at the time other than just saying it. From what DeNiro said they were more going for the story of an aging hitman who reflects back on life and the decisions he made that shaped it. So that wasn’t really the angle they were going with, but I thought the movie was well done.

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Plus, how is it a Scorsese movie without “Gimme Shelter?”

It was OK but it was a one and done. Not unhappy that I saw it but won’t watch it again.

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OTOH, I plan on watching Casino for thr umpteenth time very soon.

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every time, mostly, random channel/guide flipping and I find it, I watch to the end.

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You’ve got to come to town and hit up Tangiers!

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We are tentatively planning to come in early June…

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I watched five minutes of it and turned it off. The actors are way too damn old.

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