The Irishman

Heh, it’s 3 1/2 hrs long.

You liberals…


Finally watched this last night…wow, what a long, drawn out movie. It was pretty “meh” IMO, just a series of events in that guy’s life. There was no building of a story, no climax, just shit happening and you’re along for the ride. Seemed almost like a biography with no real defining moment…even when Hoffa was taken out I was like, well that was the same as every other guy who was killed in this flick. Not impressed.

The new Jumanji on the other hand…solid flick lol

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Ageism and whitephobia are alive and encouraged.

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Yikes, Jumangi was bad even for a B movie. If my girlfriend wasn’t there I would have jumped into a different movie!

I watched The Lighthouse (2019) with Willem Dafoe last night. Really strong acting I thought but the plot could have been a whole lot more interesting. Just average IMO.

As far as kids movies go, I’ll see it 100 times before having to sit through that Dora the explorer crap

Started The Irishman in December. It just ended now and I look like Joe Peschi…