The lack of star players here

A common thing to hear from analysts the last two seasons is that the Lions have a reasonable amount of good to decent players, but they don’t have any “star players” - elite level game changers.

Far from trying to change that, the Lions seem to spend every waking moment getting rid of their highest-level players, so they can replace them with “system guys.” There’s seemingly no attempt to bring in a big fish by trade or free agency - or even worse, those players seem like they don’t want to give the Lions the time of day, because they don’t trust this organization.

Does any of this upset anyone besides me?


Some truth to this (especially on D).

Our QB is amazing, and Golliday, while lacking crazy speed, is a stud at what he does. I feel like Hoch is TBD, and we shall see what we do in the draft, this year.

Add Young and a “star” RB?
Trade down get Jeudy and a stud RB?

Best to ignore the noise. Sports commentary is 90% drama queens trying to pump up ratings by any means necessary. They have an agenda when telling their stories :wink:


There is no player on the Lions roster that anyone outside of Detroit cares about. There are no stars on the roster, and probably in the running for the least interesting team in the NFL.
Miami, Detroit, Jacksonville, Chargers, and Carolina are probably the teams that people and the media care the least about. Those teams all might be picking top 10 next season again.

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When you think “star” you should be thinking top 5 at their position. The Lions currently have none.

Stafford is top 10-15ish and Kenny G is moving towards that same level. After that, the dropoff is huge and there is nobody else on our team that is even remotely close to star power.

The roster has gotten worse every year under Quinn.


Stafford kemny g top 10 at least hockenson will be mho ragnow flowers

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I think that’s why some people want Tua. He has a certain it about him . Im not saying draft him, but if your looking for a star player he would be the one .


The last one the Lions had on offense was Calvin Johnson.

But who was the last one on defense? A player that everyone feared?

Might have to go back to Bubba Baker for that one.

Suh. He was very disruptive and needed to be schemed against. We have nobody of that caliber and haven’t for some time.

Slay was a really good CB, but he was a cover guy and shied away from contact. Wasn’t elite, just really good.

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You’re right. How soon we forget.

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CJ and Suh if we’re going to say it’s only top 5 at their position.

Personally, I don’t agree with the definition that’s been proposed.

I might expand that to say it would be a player that draws the attention of the opponent to where they are scheming around or away from them. Another definition might be a player sought after if they became a FA or available via trade.

Stafford and Flowers for sure. If Decker hits FA next year, there will be a line of teams offering contracts. He’s the best LT we’ve had since I don’t know when. He has not been perfect, but he’s still a top-half LT. Collins should garner a lot of attention this year.

But, yeah, things are pretty lame around here. We struggle to identify “stars” within Liondom, let alone stars among the league.

Spielman, Blades, Swilling was at least a name although he never produced here like he did in N.O., …you could also add Slay, he’s top 5 at his position and well-respected around the league.

I will say that the lack of star players is concerning…but it also comes with drafting OG’s and TE’s in the first round. Hock wasn’t a difference-maker or star player even in college.

Quinn uses a lot of high round picks on role-player positions, not to mention has missed on a fair-share of picks as well. Decker, A’Shawn, GG, Davis, Tabor, KG, Ragnow, KJ, Walker, Hock, Tavai, Will Harris.

Quinn might become the worst GM of all time for Detroit. I think he’s already passed Mayhew and slowly creeping-up on Millen.

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But I think the idea is (and I agree), when have the Lions had (particularly on defense), a nationally recognized player like Von Miller who is a game changer?

Maybe Ansah in 2015, but he was basically a one season wonder. The 12 sacks in 2017 were illusory–3 against Ereck Flowers, 3 against the Bengals OT who was an undrafted rookie free agent OG starting his first game ever at OT, and 3 against GB in the finale when 4/5ths of their OL was on IR or out.

Flowers and Decker are and have never been star type players. Flowers is a role player. Not dominant in any way, shape or form and Decker is WELL below league average for a LT.

Suh, Ansah, Stafford and CJ were the stars of the team that lost to Dallas and the refs. No DT has ever landed a contract like Suh’s. The only 3 players that have had star coverage or looked at for national audience appeal are Suh, Stafford and CJ. I don’t care for Suh in the slightest, but he was certainly a star player for us, even if a villain.

I qualified the definition that would include them. You’re certainly welcome to dismiss that as not fitting your definition. That said, save for 1 really bad game to start the season, Decker is absolutely a top-half LT.


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Yeah but think about what defensive players are “star” players and how short that list is.
Also, Suh was a dominant Defensive player that could be on that list.

Watt, Mack, Von Miller, Donald, Suh, etc…it’s not a long list.

The best players on terrible teams aren’t necessarily star players. They are just the best of a bad bunch. This thread is about star players. We have none.

I couldn’t disagree with you more on Decker. He was Quinn’s first pick and it was a terrible value, like almost all of his picks. Extending him to a 2nd contract, unless he is moved to the other side and takes middle of the pack RT money, would be a mistake. His is a weakness.

Well, if we want to go through his picks, I’m afraid Decker is going to shine as one of the better ones. For the sake of not putting us through that grim exercise, we’ll omit the interest he might get in free agency as a potential qualifier for star status. That said, Stafford would qualify by all accounts outside of Detroit. Slay would have. Certainly Suh did. For the rest of the current team, yeah, we have to loosen our definition of “star” to get any to qualify.

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That’s fair. Yes, I am not saying Decker will be out of the league in a year or 2. Someone will pay him. That happens to a lot of mediocre or below average players. I mean we just gave 90 million dollars to an edge rusher who can’t do jack squat. Pats knew he was an ok player but were not going to pay him huge on his 2nd deal. We did.

I’ll let someone else pay Decker for his mediocre play.