The latest smoke--Dolphins have done plenty of work on Herbert

Let’s say they don’t trade up and stand pat at No. 5. If the Chargers feel the same way about Herbert (i.e. Tua’s too much of a long term injury risk), is it more likely the Lions trade down to No. 6 with the Chargers taking Herbert at No. 3? Or are the Chargers content to take whatever is leftover, i.e. either Herbert or Tua?


Typically quiet in free agency, the Chargers don’t take many risks in the draft. That approach has resulted in a lot of hits on top picks. First-rounders Melvin Gordon (2015), Joey Bosa (2016), Mike Williams (2017) and Derwin James (2018) have all delivered, and the only major disappointment in the second round is the injury-prone Forrest Lamp. There have been later-round hits as well, especially in the 2017 class, which is still entirely intact and delivered an All-Pro nickel back (Desmond King) along with other regular contributors. The jury remains out on the 2019 group after a quiet rookie season, but the overall body of work is strong.

Best pick: S Derwin James, R1 2018 — Perhaps it was an easy decision once he slid, but the Chargers nabbed a rookie All-Pro in James, whose absence for most of 2019 was a huge blow.

Worst pick: OL Forrest Lamp, R2 2017 — It’s hard to blame Lamp, who tore his ACL and missed his entire rookie season, but he has been a massive bust so far.

One week left to find out.

Dolphins are gonna sit back and relax and take Herbert or Tua, whichever falls to them, and enjoy their 3 first round picks.


High likelihood - hate it

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I have decided that this is what is going to happen and the Lions are taking Okudah at #3. I will not have another Hockenson at #8 meltdown like last year.

I think Lion fans should mentally prepare themselves for no trade-back and Jeff Okudah
That seems like the most likely scenario


Agree. Put yourself in their shoes. If we had their picks, we could find 3 guys that could really help the 2020 team. Instead, we will likely take Okudah at 3 and not have improved the defense hardly at all.

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I agreed with you until you said this. Okudah is going to be a good player in this league, I just personally think a CB is a not game changer and you need to draft a game changer at 3.

Respectfully disagree. The Dolphins are targeting a specific player & will have competition from other QB needy teams. When the draft commences any pre draft strategy (to wait at #5) will quickly vanish. They have ample resources to move up & will do so. Why would u gamble & risk the chance of losing your main target on the pretext of him being there at 5?

We swapped decent LBs. We swapped DTs. We swapped Slay for Trufant. We didn’t address the pass rush which was the biggest weakness of the team. I am not sure we got much better.

I agree that adding Okudah might help the team long term, but not for 2020.

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I’ve been there since bowl season. Even assuming we’d have Slay, I’ve still been there.

I don’t know if enough people are considering the Belichick influence on the Dolphins by way of the new HC and their GM Grier. They have a rare opportunity to build a team here. This is the “rebuild” that guys like BTP dream of, picking 3 times in the 1st. Yes, they need a QB, but they also need an OL. I just have the expectation that they’ll take what the draft gives them (in the 1st anyway).

It depends on how they feel about Tua’s hip. I’m confident that he is/was who they wanted.

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I still think we’d get a ton more trade action if young is there at 3.
We MIGHT get an offer at qb but it won’t be the haul everyone wants

I think so too.

Here is the thought that should keep the Dolphins AND Chargers up late at night:

  1. Cincy drafts Joe Burrow and the 'Skins draft Chase Young.

  2. The Lions and Giants are BOTH open to trading down and say the Raiders and Jags (or hell…add the Bucs to this lost too) for not as much as any of us would like. Then the 2 QBs go and 3 and 4 and the Dolphins and Chargers are stuck with Ryan F./Rosen and Tyron Taylor. Yikes.

I noticed that TE OJ Howard’s name has quietly been thrown around as available for a trade.

If I am the Lions…might I fall back to 14? If they offer their 14th pick, a 2nd in 2020 and a 1st in 2021…yes, I jump on that if they also thrown in OJ Howard too. But then they get their Brady replacement and better depth than Gabbert (their current #2).

Yea, if I was a 'Fins of Chargers fan and the cost of trading uop is not everything and two other teams make a move I am going to be pissed.

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Another log on the fire:

I agree with you here. The Dolphins are not just going to say, whoever falls to us will be the face of the franchise for the next 10 years. They have a QB in mind and know who they want. Unfortunately, I firmly believe they are interested in drafting either of them.

I think both teams would be perfectly fine riding with Taylor and Fitz for another year. It’s better than tying yourself to the wrong QB, especially if you believe in Fields/Lawrence more than hurtTua and Herbert. Now I don’t believe that’s likely, but it’s certainly possible.

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Respectifully, there is no QB other than Burrow that anyone should make a play for. I get it, you are brainwashed into thinking what every Kiper, McShay and Jeremiah has told you. But the fact that no team ahead of the Dolphins and Chargers (sans Bengals) needs a QB and the false thinking that someone like the Raiders or Jaguars have enough ammunition and are sooooooooo desperate for one of these iffy prospects is so far out of the reality of what the teams are thinking.

But keep believing that teams are desperate for these QBs with HUGE question marks…keep the hope alive…or come to the dark side and realize that no…nobody is going to trade up for a QB…everyone is just going to sit tight…hell the Dolphins might just run with Josh Rosen and build the team first which would be the smart thing. Relying on the past to tell you that teams are dumb is not smart ?..the Dolphins are not competing with anyone, they are not losing anything worth value to ensure they get someone, there is only 2 major peices in this draft and they are both accounted for. Come to the dark side…we have cookies.

If Mia wants the choice to choose their QB than I do not think they have the choice to just sit and wait. Same for SD. One will offer a trade to us but will BQ accept it.


At this point, I’d say 3 & 85 for 5 & 56 would be enough.