The Lions fans had one thing to look forward to on the last day of the


We should have had playoffs in 2013, but Stafford choked 2 of the last 4 and we lost 4 of the last 4 to go 7-9 and lose the division to 8-7-1 Packers.

We would have carried Stafford’s ass in 2014 if we didn’t squander a #10 overall on a TE with bad hands that couldn’t block and taken the disruptive DT in Aaron Donald.

But instead, it was down to one play in 2014 where Stafford didn’t throw to single covered CJ (pre snap and throughout the play) and threw to Pettigrew. That fail wasn’t on Suh. Neither was the shank punt.

We don’t even get a playoff game in 2014 but for Suh. You know it, too. 853 high motor snaps during the regular season. That’s 81.5% of the total defensive snaps. That is insane. That’s the value of about 1.5 of one of the top DTs in football. I think in terms of value, he was way more valuable than Stafford or Calvin, yet which ones do we keep? Dumb f*ck Lions. The next DL in terms of snap count, Ansah, healthy, had 663 (63%). Snap count alone is far more bang for your buck than Calvin Johnson with his 695 snaps with 71 catches for 1077yds. Not even close.

Losing Suh was f-d up. Passing on Donald was missing the opportunity for the Lions to get it all. I’m STILL mad.

Mayhew, burn in hell.


Screw that. Dropping 3 spots to pitch a shut out at Lambeau doesnt bother me at all. Actually enjoyed watching the game and was a good way to start the off season. Was good to see guys like Zenner, Powell, and Jones making plays.


Yeah, but, who was doing the drafting?
The Piano Man was a #2 overall, right?
Charles Rogers was also a #2 overall in 03.
Competence helps.