The Lions owe me three more hours

That’s my take on this one.
I need to have a talk with Matt Patricia. I think he needs to take a page from BB and play to our strengths.

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The Lions owe me a new liver.


Since I was in the bubble, it only cost me a shade over two hours to view the horror.

Now I kind of wish we lost last week so maybe we would have firesold for some draft picks. This team isn’t anywhere near being a legitimate contender. I don’t see them winning more than two more games this year.

Too bad we have to burn the top ten pick on yet another Olineman. Would be nice to take the best DE or cover LB

I’m with you here. I get that we have some very faithful fans, but anyone who looked at this logically, knew that we were not making the playoffs, even before the Giants game. Why we sat on our hands and acted like pretend contenders is beyond me.

Our entire list of moves was sending Diggs to Seattle for a low 5th round pick. Not exactly a fire sale. I thought Slay should have been dealt, but I’m guessing Quinn overvalued what he is worth in a trade.

I suppose the problem was we simply don’t have many tradable commodities, and that is on Quinn. Nobody wants anything to do with Snacks or Flowers’ contracts. Nobody wants any of our slow, non tackling linebackers. Our 1st and 2nd year players are either always hurt or just not productive. I suppose other than Slay, we could have traded one of our 2 good WRs, but that’s about it. It’s hard to say that anyone else would be an upgrade for contending teams in the NFL. What would buyers be buying from us, exactly, other than Slay?

The Lions are not responsible for YOUR poor choices!
You chose to watch. Did you really think it would be different than the last 60 years?
I own this 5 mile long expansion bridge that connects the upper and lower peninsulas. It’s a real gold mine. I’d be willing to part with it for say, $2 million. That’s ridiculously cheap, but, I’m just tired of having to count all that money every single day.