The Main Culprit - Our Second Round Draft Picks

Our franchise is very bad. From an execution standpoint, the biggest problem is failure to draft quality players in the second round. How many of these guys did we sign to an extension?? Even worst, the vast majority of these picks are HIGH second rounders.

Jahlani Tavau
Kerryon Johnson
Teez Tabor
A’Shawn Robinson
Ameer Abdullah
Kyle Van Noy
Darius Slay
Ryan Broyles
Titus Young
Jahvid Best
Brandon Pettigrew
Jordan Dizon
Drew Stanton
Daniel Bullocks
Shaun Cody
Kevin Jones
Boss Bailey
Kalimba Edwards

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Pettigrew was 1st rd pick i think.


Yep pick #20

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We traded back into the first round for Jones and Best. Both were pick number 30.


The main culprit is our gms and scouts. Current and former.

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I’ll bite. We signed at least 2 of these guys to extensions. To be fair, half of these players had injury issues, which are sometimes risk/reward and sometimes unpredictable. Others here were caught in bad fits from one coaching staff to another. It happens all across the NFL, just pick a team, pick a round, go back 15 years and you’ll see similar results.

Here is a sample:

You want a honest comparison do same with another 9 teams an line them up …then compare

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Or compare total wins and losses over the last twenty years, now.
They weren’t great in the 90’s, but, they were the most competitive I’ve seen in my life.
Bring back Wayne Fontes.

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