The New PI review is a joke and meant to

Appease the fans. The problem is, they are not over turning them. There were 2 that should have been review and overturned. The Obvious PI on Jones and the PI that was called on the Lions player covering their TE. I have seen too many games like last night as a Lions fan. You have to wonder if they want fairness at all?


Agree that the rule is there to appease. Nobody has taken it seriously.

Also agree that they have no interest in fair. Ethics is out the window. This is about money.

Very few of them have gotten overturned, regardless of how bad the original call or non-call was. But what’s interesting is one of the times they HAVE used the replay system to “correct” a call on the field was in favor of the Packers. It was when the Vikings scored. They went back and reviewed the score, and took it off the board by making up a ticky tack offensive pass interference that had nothing to do with the guy that scored the touchdown.

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