The Next Regime Will Be My Last

Bass I’m guessing?

I don’t know if I could ever live without fishing for Walleye, Salmon, and Steelhead in the rivers though.

I do a lot of fishing but bass the most.

I used to be a trout guide 30+ years ago and wish I could go trout fishing more than I do.

I was just up on the St. Mary’s fishing Atlantic’s and Pinks. Had a great time.

My wife is ready for us to pull up stakes and head south, too. We’ve talked about South Carolina, Alabama and Texas.

Cracks me up, for years many ppl here would say to you “hur dur you not a real fan, you so negative, hater!”…now it’s finally become the norm. Embrace the suck, 60 years of it my man.

Well, since it’s my thread I have to respond. This was the best effort I’ve seen in over a year. Credit for winning damn near every game stat. Much to my chagrin, the players seemed to unite around their rather large leader (BTW, is he getting bigger?) .

But have to give credit where credit is due. A solid game plan against a weak and battered opponent. But, it’s only one game and still want the house cleaned out. But it was a nice change of pace to witness.

To be honest I haven’t watched any NFL this yr .disgusted by the way our country’s divide is. It’s become too political for me to watch.spent whole day with family enjoying them more than sol.

When I was a little kid sitting in the dirt swapping football cards and chewing Topps Gum sticks, my best friend asked me who my favorite team is…I was 5 years old.

I said “The Detroit Lions” I vowed they would be my favorite team until they put me in the ground. I’m standing by that. Doesn’t mean I like whats going on…but this is my team. I’ll be here…as long as it lasts.

I’ve already made a partial move over to the Panthers, as I have ties to Charlotte. The Monday Night game vs the Packers was the beginning of the end for me, and once they retained Patricia I kind of checked out mentally. I follow the team obviously and talk about it with you guys, but I’m no longer emotionally vested in it anymore. It kind of reminds me of being a fan of a college that doesn’t have a good football team and never will. I have a friend who’s a Vanderbilt fan. He watches and can enjoy the wins, but overall he has no illusion that they are going to be more than what they are.

Tiers in college are easier to accept.

Tiers in a professional football league of only 32 teams, with revenue sharing and a salary cap that levels the playing field? Not easy to accept. It brings a different level of irritation.

Personally, as my Lions enthusiasm wanes, so does my interest in the NFL. I find myself eager to turn on a good game, but once it’s on I’m just kinda “meh” toward it. (Though I did really enjoy the TB/GB game yesterday. :slight_smile:)

At least you can understand why Vandy will never compete.

The Lions? No excuse really.

Tampa has had a lot of good teams this year and I’ve resisted basically because it doesn’t feel right with the fan bases. They are all so transient. Go to a Rays game and half the stadium is transplanted fans from up north. But man…rooting for the Bucs for a little while might not be so bad.

I’ve gotten to the point where I now accept that there are tiers in the NFL, and the Lions are on the bottom and that will never change. Any other way of viewing it would be kidding myself.

I could root for Tampa, as its one of my favorite cities that I’ve been to. I’ve also stayed just across from the stadium a few times. But for me the Panthers are just more of a natural fit. I was just there a month ago, and that’s also where I spent new years. My wife is based out of Charlotte now, so we got an apartment just south of the city.

I definitely know what you mean about fanbases and how different things are depending on whether its a transient community or not. When I was in Louisiana it was the opposite of Florida where basically everybody is from there and had hardcore rooting interests for either the Saints or the Cowboys. And the entire state rooted for LSU.

There are. It’s just not as easy to accept.

I have tried to get ‘another’ team to root for at a couple of different points (Baltimore while my dad was working there, teams some favorite college player went to, etc). It has never stuck. And I have watched some serious garbage on the field from the Lions at different points. But apparently, I can’t do it. I can’t get a different team.

Now, last year, after Stafford got hurt and we were losing every game in fall-apart fashion, I stopped watching. It just didn’t feel worth it.

But here I am again. And I watched the ‘online draft’, come here too often for my own good, and tune in on Sundays. Apparently, I am an addict.

So, I’ll be here for the long haul of it too. Even though I don’t post as much as some of you bosses around here…