The Official NFL Playoff Thread!

Dam n good start for the Bills. Yeah, I’m rooting for them.

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I’m pulling for the Texans but that was a great first drive for Buffalo.

Also, looks like the refs hate the Texans.

Josh Allen is a stud.

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Surprised how surgical the Bills game plan is. Or is Houstan playing that poor. Not that up on either team really.

Houston has punted twice in Buffalo territory. You want to lose that’s the recipe.

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For those that wanted to keep Fells, “Bwa-ha-hha…HA!”

Official thread? Re-title this thread and pin it to the top. Voila!

I picked Buffalo in this game… Watson and Hopkins are not big nfl game players.

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Me too, because Buffalo’s defense !

How can anyone root against the Bills?

I’m not as much rooting against the Bills. I am just a fan of Watson, kid played his heart out at Clemson.

Watson reminds me of a poor man’s LJackson.

Glad Hou scored, to make it a game.

This is why I never bet for or against the Texans.

Just waaay too much volatility.

What’s this thing you call playoffs. Never heard of it.


Singletary has footwork reminiscent of Barry Sanders. Pretty fun to watch.

I believe he can be also. But that dropsie at the top of the 4th was…oof

Hot damn. Josh Allen has done some great things for Buffalo, but that 3-13 play was brutal. The one thing you can’t do there is take a sack.

Jesus christ, Josh Allen is crumbling

The 3 man rush strikes again!