The only 3 draft scenarios are:

  1. Stay at 3 and draft Tua.
  2. Stay at 3 and draft Chase Young.
  3. Trade down to 5 and take one of: Simmons or OT.

Lions need a stud. A difference maker. Someone who can legitimately change the course of this franchise. Tua is that guy. Chase Young is that guy on the defensive side of the ball. 2 cornerstone pieces. Simmons is a game changer, and a top OT provides a ton of flexibility and value.

The Lions don’t need more picks for Quinn to blow later… they need TOP talent, at premium positions. Okudah is not an acceptable scenario. Trading out of the top 5 is not acceptable to me. The Okudah/ trade out of the top 5 talk is lunacy IMO. Quinn doesn’t need to try to be the smartest guy in the room. Take the stud QB or stud DE, who can change the course of the franchise ( for Young at least on the defensive side of the ball). Make the lay up pick.

Also… is it possible the Lions are hoarding cap space, to absorb a Matthew Stafford cap hit?


While I agree with #2. I only half agree with your other two choices.

And Okudah at #5 is perfectly acceptable. Not sure if it is just your hatred of him or what but he sounds like a fantastic talent. Put him in the Peterson, Ramsey mold, that definitely worth the #5 pick.

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This is Quinn we are talking about. Staying at 3 and drafting pretty much anybody is not out of the question. How do you feel about drafting Marlon Davidson at 3? I wouldn’t put it past Quinn.


I read a scenario today where the Lions traded 3 to New England for 23, Joe Thuney and a 3rd. I thought to myself I could see Quinn doing that. It is hard to blow this draft, but I’m sure Quinn will find a way.

Garbage take…click bait.

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I’m in lockstep with you on this entire thing. Young, Tua, trade (draft Simmons).

I have also mentioned the Stafford trade stuff. Seems like they left a lot of cap space with FA pretty much done for the most part. Maybe they do have something in mind, like a pre-determined trade where IF Tua is available, and we take him at #3, then someone else trades for Stafford.

Maybe it’s all set up and is contingent upon Tua being there at 3. Then Chase Daniel starts the season and they ease Tua into the mix at some point. I think the season would probably be ugly, but I don’t see us winning more than 7 games either way.

If young is there at 3 that SHOULD be the only choice.

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What if Miami offered 5, 18 and 26?

Then i humbly regress lol ill take it.

I don’t think they will of course. Especially Bc that would mean that in all likelihood it’s for Herbert as Tua has gone #2OA but you still have to listen to offers IMO. I would agree though. Barring some silly deal just take Young.

Yeah I’m with BTP I would Preferably like Young then Tua after that a trade with us taking Simmons
but if pick up Okuduh with an extra pick or two I wouldn’t be too opposed…And I also wouldn’t mind
taking a flier somewhere in the draft on Hurts especially if we grab some extra picks.

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Why do I have the feeling that as soon as Okudah became the odds on favorite, you decided you would be anti Okudah the rest of the way just to increase the odds of being able to bash on the Lions come draft time?


Spoken like a Prophet …Well done. :+1:


For a guy that accuses Quinn of constantly attempting to be the smartest guy in the room.

…How does drafting a QB in Tua who is literally the biggest ? mark ever for an injured player with his type of injury, who is already over hyped and over valued as a QB even if he had been injury free coming into the Draft, never mind now .
This to you is one of two players that only should be drafted by us at #3… This here is a smart choice Quinn could make. Asking a player at QB or any other posistion to be the first ever to stay healthy after such an injury . This contradiction is laughable.

With every “Ginger or Mary Ann” conversation, you’ll always a “Mrs Howell” guy in the crowd.


Definitely mary

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Mary Ann

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Yeah, no question, Maryann six times a week and twice on Sunday.

Nailed it Iggy.

I’m warming up to Tua lately. The guy checks every single box. I’m willing to take the injury risk with the advances in modern medicine.

There is a reason for the past 2 years he was considered the slam dunk #1 pick best QB prospect since Luck until the hip.

If its fully healed…which it appears to be…why not? Another reason I think he is going 2 though.

I honestly think its 70/30 we get Young @3.

We need a franchise changer in the top 3. For the love of god dont pick Okudah at 3.

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Just had too!

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