The Onside Kick & You


I usually hate about 95% of rule changes. KR returns were one of my favorite things to watch in football. It’s getting ridiculous.


Can you imagine what it would be like if the Lions were defending in the 4th and 15 scenario, and then the ref threw a flag for illegal contact? That would be even worse than the phantom roughing the passer penalty that set up Rogers for our first Fail Mary.


Sort of what the XFL did, no?

More car crash, less sumo anyway.


PS, bring back Your Grace.



I dig it. A sack race or dance-off would also suffice.


Dance off…

That’s awesome.



As if I’ve ever had any! :laughing:


Sorry, Bro. That cracked me up. I still giggle when I think about it. You, of all people!
If he had said it about me, that would have been more accurate.:rofl:


4th and 25. 4th and 15 is way too makeable.

That said, PI etc will screw it up.

So, how about the punters have an accuracy contest. Make all the refs form a 3 yard diameter circle, first punter to drop one in from 50 yards with no movement by the refs wins.

Most underused dude gets some work. Refs get clipped in the face by a ball



Remotely hosted by Dick Clark from the former set of American Bandstand…


you make a good point about penalties.

I’m not sure what the answer is, other than if the onside kick went away I wouldn’t miss it at all.


I think we should replace it with having the team kick off and if the ball goes at least 10 yards, provided it hits the ground first, then the kicking team may recover it.


What is the purpose of changing the rule to begin with?
Reduce injury?
Increasing opportunities for the trailing team?
Fan excitement?


They want to eliminate kickoffs because of injuries. More injuries occur on that play than any other play. So, like I said, put them all in dresses and let them play. I won’t be watching that shit.


Even more reason to get a nasty-ass DL. Gives the refs less time to throw a PI flag on us on “onside kicks”.

To me, getting rid of onside kick is ridiculous.


Do not want to see it go away. Agree with an earlier post, should change the yards needed to travel from 10 to 8. Then, when up over your rival by 30, it would be attainable to recover the on side kick.