The Peloton debate

I’ve finally watched the commercial. I can’t see what everyone is up in arms about. However, the ad does raise a few questions…

Were you outraged with the ad?

Would the ad keep you from buying a peloton bike?

Does anyone currently have one of these?

If so, how are they? Worth it for the large price tag?

If you don’t have one now, would you pay 2 grand to sit on one of these?

Would you pay 2 grand for the chick in the commercial to sit on your face?


A controversy that I’m not familiar with?

Apparently the ad made it look like the husband got his old lady the bike because she needs to drop some lbs. The 110 lb perfect chick in the commercial needed to trim down. Made no sense but their stock apparently plummeted and people were outraged.

I simply think she is a stunner and I would smash.

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Ha! Not touching that one. I may be an asshole, but, I’m not stupid.

I’m offended :wink:

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Ryan Reynolds follow up commercial to sell his liquor was a nice comeback. Here are the 2 commercials, for anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on. Obviously it looks stupid when her perfect body self jumps on the bike like she’s never been on one before, and obviously her “transformation” was not existent. It was a strange casting and she was interviewed and said she made it worse by the “look of concern” in her eyebrows.



Yes. She is smoking hot. I only knew of one person who had this bike, it was a guy and he lost 50 LBs. Loves it. I never checked it out until I saw the ad… I wouldn’t be surprised if their sales spiked.

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They went on the market Sept 27. $25.24 a share. Now sitting at $31.53.

First thought when first aired. "You think I’m fat? "

Guess I’m sexist to find humor in it. Totally not PC, but i can’t keep up anymore.

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The trick is to get moving. I had a Total Gym, lost 75 lbs in 15-20 minutes, 3-4 days a week. Took about 4 months, but, once you get started, it doesn’t take long for you to start seeing the results.


You have horrible taste in women, iggs.

Anyway, the only stupid part about the commercial that was seriously unsettling to me was the frightened look on her face, like she was being held hostage.

The rest of the PC bullshit is just that, bullshit that worked stupid people into a frenzy. Unfortunately, here we are.

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Yeah, I pretty much live in a state of offendedness.:rofl:

Clearly, you weren’t eating enough pizza, brother!


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You know what? I didn’t quit eating anything. I just made it a point to eat a little smaller portions.
Americans typically eat 40% more than they need. Instead of 3 pieces of pizza, I’d eat 2.
Really not a big deal.


Didn’t Prince write a song about that? “Portion Control?”
…somethign like that?

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No idea? To my shame, I really had no idea how good Prince was until just before he passed.
Somebody posted the George Harrison tribute on “While my guitar gently weeps” with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and Prince wailing on that guitar!
My jaw hit the floor!
Anyway, I haven’t heard that one.

Here you go, brother!

My fav genre is singer/songwriter, acoustic-type stuff. This is fun too.

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Yeah, that’s why I had no idea he could play.:rofl:
Look at me. Too fucking old to enjoy Prince.:woozy_face:


Not enough tattoos and piercings for you? Lol.