The Queen's picked up Abdullah?


And, he’s handling returns!


Yep, the week he was released. He’s been at it s couple of weeks now.


So now we are going to worry about what Ameer is doing while returning kicks. He sucked when he was here and has a habit of putting the ball on the turf, will cost the Vikings a game at some point


I think it will cost the Vikings at some point. I can hope it is against is.


Who said I was worried?
I find it humorous that a divisiin rival would actually play one our cast offs. Especially in the role that got him cut from the worst team in the division!
I understand picking him up for the info they can gleen, but, they actually let him play!:rofl:


Until he puts one on the ground and shift momentum in a must win game. Either way, he will be a free agent looking for work next season