The real 'kneeling' solution everyone should be talking about

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this hasn’t already been done.

The NFL, NCAA…need to designate…at the end of the first quarter…30 seconds to 2 minutes where everyone kneels if they so choose in a display of unity for the cause.

This should be universal.

It gets the point across. It doesn’t alienate any of the fanbase. It’s just like the show of support for breast cancer awareness…etc.

Every single game there should be a period at the end of the first quarter for this and only this.

Nobody would be worried about the flag. They would actually be focused on the cause.

Goodell needs to make this happen. Every team should be required to participate. Fine them if they do not.

The ones protesting win. Their voice is heard…loud and clear. They changed every single game with a period completely devoted to the cause.

The ones that defend the flag win as everyone is now standing.

No more fighting about this topic. It is now universally considered legitimate and we are moving ahead.

Why is this so hard to figure out? Please send me a check Mr. Goodell when you implement this. My consulting fee is $2 Million…pesos.


I agree completely. I am staying out of the fray because I don’t care about others opinion when they won’t listen to mine.

First off, 2 simple questions… How in the hell, is taking a knee honoring poor George Floyd, when it was the very act that killed him? If anything, no one should be taking a knee to honor him, that’s what cop’s actions were.

Second. If kneeling during the anthem has nothing to do with disrespecting the country, then why the hell does it have to happen DURING the anthem. When everyone is requested to “Please rise, and remove your hat for the singing of the national anthem.” So as the original poster said, why does the kneeling have to take place during the anthem and not at any other designated time where everyone can choose to join in and express their feelings if they feel so inclined?

There are few times we are asked to rise to honor something. You know what’s really funny? If taking a knee isn’t a symbol of disrespect, as we are being brainwashed, then I’d LOVE to see what happens when in a court of law, someone takes a knee when the bailiff says “All rise” when the judge enters the room. Hey, judges represent the law as much as police enforce it. That person would be thrown in jail for contempt of court, and rightly so. Know why? Because it’s disrespectful.

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What I don’t understand is, the side doing the kneeling is wanting people to listen to their cause because it’s important to them. Well, at the same time they’re refusing to listen to the other side’s cause which is equally important to them? Why is there no effort to find common ground on an appropriate way to show unity and support for the movement that doesn’t offend millions of people? It’s a one sided argument, it always is with these kinds of movements… either you 100% subscribe to our cause, or you’re against us. Case in point, how the media put forward a narrative of Villanueva defying his team and stood alone for the national anthem just outside the tunnel in 2017… Their whole job is to fabricate division among us. Here’s his quote from a couple weeks ago when asked about Drew Brees…

“I’m gonna blame the media because the media’s always trying to hyperfocus things, pit people against each other, change narratives”, he added. “The media is unbelievably divisive right now. It’s exactly what Howard Beale [the main character in the movie] was trying to warn us against”.

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Can’t talk politics, unless the NFL decides?
I’m an ass. Everybody knows it.

What I don’t understand is why a political post like this has not been closed.

Who really cares, not much else to talk about right now.

The rules seem to apply to different posters different ways. It is a political post.

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What if people kneeled for religious opinions? Would it be ok for that too… maybe at halftime peeps could kneel to God… end of the 3rd quarter peeps could kneel to Allah… end of the 4th… oh what the hell… just e erroneous kneel because something needs to be knelt to…

Not trying to sound sarcastic… the fact is every human has issues… and a great many of them are legitimate. My GF has issues with how society has treated her. I do too… and I’m a male (did I really need to specify that?)… my point is… I think the white majority has given it to red, yellow, brown, black, green… and I mean that.

So what I’ve been doing is simply making a conscious effort to treat every person I meet as better than myself. It’s really that simple. Imagine… if I didn’t have to make a conscious effort to treat a Hispanic as better… that’s when the problem is solved.

I will also say… that I have perceived much more respect from minorities… it’s blown me away how many African Americans are also showing increased connectedness… I will surely continue to pursue the best for all be8ngs!

Because it’s NFL related. But it should be in OTT so I moved it there.

Just about everything in OTT can be argued has political undertones. Politics have crept into every aspect of our lives. So where do we draw the line? Do you want a board where nothing is allowed?

To understand where the line is drawn…
You have to first understand why politics and certain posts aren’t allowed. Posts like politics tend to lead towards bickering and larger board issues.

Kneeling topics have always been allowed because they haven’t historically created these problems The moment they do we will lock them.

Covid, Race, Riots, Kneeling, Police, healthcare, schools, etc etc can all be argued are politics. They all belong in OTT but are allowed if things are kept civil. But if the board wants we can ban these too. At that point we might as well just close OTT completely. OTT was asked for by members of the board. I think most do a good job of understanding and not crossing the line.

So what’s NOT allowed then?

Topics about political parties, politicians, political undertones, political agendas, the president, etc.

Take a look at the posts in this thread. They’ve remained civil and appropriate. That’s why this topic is allowed.

But if the OP had spun the same topic to have Trumps views on the subject then it would have been locked. Because that tends to lead to bickering about political parties and political agendas. Which then leads to board problems.

Keep in mind the board has two sections.

OTT - Where every topic but politics is allowed.
General Talk - Where only NFL and Lions related topics are allowed.

You can set OTT to not show if you choose to. So you don’t have to partake or even see posts like this one.

My personal view is simple

No kneeling during the Anthem.

Protest by not participating at all by hanging out in the tunnel… same camera men will be pointing towards them no matter what.

You really want to push your point… use your own personal time to have a conference call; funny they do it only at work in easy… public forums that they don’t have to work at putting together…

I know some of the players do this and props to them but it seems to me more than not they don’t…

Leave the flag out of it…

But, I also have to allow them free will and choice - to do the wrong thing as well as the right … I don’t like it all but they can do what they want to…

kneeling sucks to me but it’s also a peaceful protest as well

Bad with the good!


Like for breast cancer awareness they incorporate pink into the uniforms, give a month of the season to “minority fair treatment” and incorporate a player chosen symbol into the uniforms.
Respect, both ways.
I’m okay. You’re okay.
If you’re just going to tell me I’m not okay, but, you’re okay.:fu:

How’s about we just stop playing the freaking anthem at a football game? It has always baffled me why we do it in the first place.


Leave if you hate America so much. You seem to hate a lot.

Not me, I love it. I just wish it lived up to the marketing material.

Frankly, I think the anthem is too serious to be part of a dopey football game. Same with flyovers, giant flags, salute the troops and all that other happy horse shit.

War and the making of it is far too serious a business to be paraded out next to Bud Light “dilly dilly” and viagra ads.

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We do it because there are vets at the game. There would be no footbal with out them.

How about instead of all that “thank you for your service” nonsense, we funded the VA properly and tried harder to avoid getting them shot at in the first place?


Maybe our vets love hearing the song. Maybe it makes them feel proud of what they did. Maybe they are honoring thier fellow people who died fighting for us. Maybe they are proud to be American. Maybe some one lost some one close that died in war.

Maybe its bullshit feel good marketing so that a multi billion dollar entertainment product can ride the coattails of people who’ve made sacrifices.


Lord. That’s all you got.

I guess so? What else would you like to discuss?