The real 'kneeling' solution everyone should be talking about

You clearly don’t understand why people listen to the national anthem and stand. So guess there is nothing else to talk about.

That’s not exactly true. I get why people do it. I fully understand
the importance of a sense of national pride and patriotism and valuing the sacrifices made by those who have served.

What bothers me is when that sense of pride is coopted by a giant business enterprise for its own callous reasons.

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It is political, or social?

As a military member myself, I have to admit that hearing the anthem at sporting events does nothing for me… less than nothing, often, as it’s regularly combined with a giant field-size flag being waved (which is, ironically, against the flag code, since the flag shouldn’t be displayed horizontally). Hearing the anthem on a military base, or during a military ceremony, of course, has completely different connotations. But for the most part, “patriotism” during sporting events, particularly NFL games, is really just recruitment marketing paid for by the DoD.

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That’s fine, but for a lot it does.

I hope that’s not directed at JC. He put his life on the line for this country, even you!

I appreciate the defense my man, but I’m no vet. Don’t wanna add stolen valor to my list of priors!

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Must have confused you with someone else.
Go ahead and bash him, Marty.

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Why ghettoize the protest? Put it front and center. Fix the problem and then it goes away. It never will if it’s merely a symbolic gesture, seems to me.

I think you have it wrong.

That would be the Honor a Soldier program. That’s a money scheme for the teams to make money on. They do it to look good but there’s money motives behind it. I found this out when we wanted to nominate a soldier who was well deserving. We found they wanted crazy money to do it.

The anthem however started post WWI as a tribute to all the fallen soldiers. It was done at a baseball game. This was before it was our national anthem. It became our National anthem because of sports and the American pride that it represented post WW2. It is now tradition.

That’s why it’s played during sporting events and that’s why it belongs at sporting events.

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I probably shouldn’t tell my story of four Michigan cities run by the same party for the last several decades.
Detroit and Flint.
Then, Ann Arbor and Lansing.
It has to be frustrating being a Detroit or Flint resident trying to figure out why things never get better when you’re voting for the people who claim to have your back and whose policies seem to work in Ann Arbor and Lansing?
Personally, I’d try something different, but, maybe 50 years just isn’t long enough. Give 'em another 4 years.

Your historical faith in the league’s motivation is greater than mine.

FWIW, players weren’t in the field for the anthem until 2009

Not going to get into a political discussion on what is mostly a social issue. The thread will get locked down in that case. What I’m saying is, fix the thing. America needs a big and sincere group hug, some sorries and a change in behaviors. Not a symbolic gesture wedged into a moment when people are heading to the john or grabbing a hot dog.