The Senior Bowl --- 2020

I’m surprised that this isn’t a bigger topic. The Lions coaching staff is running one team for a week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they draft 2-3 of these players.

I’d like to see more interviews, videos etc. I’m disappointed with some of the coverage so far. Any new info would be appreciated. This is the biggest thing going on currently for Lions fans.

Which players do you like for each round?

While not useless, I view the Senior Bowl like a glorified Pro Bowl. Not sure how much real info you get out of watching mid level prospects playing 2 hand touch in severely dumbed down schemes. Maybe you get your eyes opened to a guy or 2 that you were unaware of, but it’s not all that.

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I’m more interested in the 1 on 1 drills they do, it’s a big benefit for coaches to see if these players can learn a technique and apply it. I think that’s the most valuable part of being the coaching staff for this game, an up close look at player’s personality, work ethic and coachability…things that don’t show up on tape.

Then again, it’s the Lions coaching staff, who did a terrible job putting puzzle pieces together with their own roster.

From the north squad I think we’ll be interested in:

Bradlee Anae - a very Pats-style edge
Malik Harrison - who meets the requisite size requirements for a Patrcia LB
Logan Wilson - who also meets the size requirements at LB
Ben Bredeson at iOL
Michael Ojemudia as a late-round CB flyer
Neville Gallimore as a havoc-wreaker inside
DaVon Hamilton as a block-eater inside
KJ Hill, a smooth WR
Denzel Mims, an explosive, tall WR

From the south squad:

K’Von Wallace - A brainiac safety
Kyle Dugger - the biggest athletic freak there, 220 pound safety, very Derwin James-esque
Raekwon Davis - Alabama DT, duh
Jonathan Greenard - Another Pats style edge
Ben Bartch - Nasty, nasty iOL
Ke’Shawn Vaughn - a mid-round RB with some pop and juice


San Francisco’s staff coached the Senior Bowl in 2019. They drafted 3 players who participated, and all 3 start for them. Yes it’s important.

Round 2: 36th Overall - Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

Round 4: 110th Overall (from Bengals) - Mitch Wishnowsky, P, Utah

Round 5: 148th Overall (from Broncos) - Dre Greenlaw, LB, Arkansas


2 things.

  1. They are a competent franchise.
  2. There’s no way of knowing they wouldn’t have drafted those players regardless of the Sr Bowl.

SF is competent because they’ve been drafting No. 7, No. 3, No. 9, and No. 2 overall in the past 4 seasons?

During the Quinn era:


2016: 2-14 9-7
2017: 6-10 9-7
2018: 4-12 6-10
2019: 13-3 3-12-1

      25-39        27-36-1

They’ve got to do it for more than one season.


I really think MP is going to love Evan Weaver

Gary Vee sighting at Senior Bowl

FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights: North Team - WR-DB 1-on-1s

FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights: South Team WR-DB 1-on-1s

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Auburn’s DT Davis looks good in pass rush.

2020 Senior Bowl Practice Day 1 O-Line vs D-Line || Pass Rush Film Breakdown

FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights - South Team: Team vs Team

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FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights: North Team - Inside Run-Team Period

FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights - South Team: OL-DL 1-on-1s

FBGP’s 2020 Senior Bowl Practice Highlights: North Team - OL-DL 1-on-1s

WHAT?? Their GM has been there less time than Quinn. They accomplished more this season than the Lions have in over 60 seasons COMBINED. Why do you need to see more? If I could get a GM and coach that could get us to a Super Bowl for 1 year, I would cut my arm off.

This fan base is loony sometimes. Now a super bowl appearance is insufficient evidence for Lions fans whose team just finished with 3 phucking wins.

And the SF fanbase was calling for the heads of Lynch and Shanahan after last season too.

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Etc, etc… And that’s with simply a first-page google search, there’s plenty more. They weren’t ALL calling for their heads - just as not all of our fanbase is calling for Patricia and Quinn to be fired - but it most certainly isn’t fake news.


I wouldn’t call that anything more than the clickbait you read on every NFL team. The 2nd article basically admitted it was obnoxious click bait.

This is nothing more than someone like Iggy calling for Patricia to be fired after the Jets game last year. You will get folks to say things like that, but nobody really believes a coach or GM should be fired after 1 year or 1 game, unless of course they break some serious rules/laws.

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Three wins–that’s because they lost Stafford for 8 games. The team would have won several of those games had he played. Presumably, that’s the same argument the 49ers could make for 2018’s 4-12 record when Jimmy G was out after playing only 3 games.

Possibly, but whose fault is it that we didn’t have a legit back up to a QB already coming off a significant back injury?

Sure, we may have won a few more games if Stafford didn’t go down, but he did and we didn’t have a plan for it. Also, a healthy Stafford taking us to 7-8-1 still doesn’t cut it for me. Not after 4 years of Quinn. He was hired to make it better than that.