The State Of Global Peace In 2020

Not sure exactly what this is about – but it’s kind of interesting

The State Of Global Peace In 2020
Niall McCarthy,

Jun 11, 2020
The 2020 edition of the Global Peace Index released by The Institute for Economics and Peace has found that global peacefulness has declined for the ninth time in the last 12 years. It ranks peace levels using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators across 163 independent states and territories, covering 99.7 percent of the world’s population. This time around, peace has deteriorated in 80 countries while the situation has improved in 81. The index states that levels of peace around the world have declined 2.5 percent since 2008.

While conflicts and crises that emerged over the past decade have started to abate, they have been replaced by a wave of tension and uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic. Iceland is once again the top-ranked country for peace in 2020, a position it has held since 2008, and it is joined at the top of the index by New Zeland, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. By contrast, the United States only manages 121st. Afghanistan is at the very bottom of the index, followed by Syria and Iraq.

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Infographic: The State Of Global Peace In 2020 | Statista
This chart shows countries ranked by peace level.



Infographic: The State Of Global Peace In 2020 | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

I’d love to know the metrics they use, it seems like peace is a relative term. Are they talking peace from within it’s own country? Or on the global stage? I can’t imagine how large, powerful countries could rank high on the peaceful list if they’re responsible for policing injustice around the world… That’d only lead to conflict.

Didn’t feel like googling it to find out
Maybe at some I will
Interesting map though — not much peace!!

Wow, no Costa Rica?

Everything in Australia is trying to kill you. Everything, spiders, snakes, sharks, jellyfish, crocs, huge birds, dingos. They even have flocks if birds that light forest fires. No way it’s more peaceful.

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Well, America is in the midst of a civil war and the rebels have taken a chunck of land and are holding American citizens hostage. (“Freedom Fighters”, fighting to take your Constitutional Rights?)
I guess that adds to it.

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I’m noticing my own feelings around all of this stuff. Literally everything I see coming from damn near any media source…I question if it is propaganda. I have almost zero trust in anything I see on the net.

When I go outside and see the humans, people are amazing. This stuff, in my world, has caused division in some, but the opposite in most others. Some people from races different than my own won’t even look at me, while the ones that do are more connected than ever before.

I believe, as a whole, humans are becoming more peaceful and coming together more. There are forces at work that are not at all publicized. People are literally getting trained in droves on how to love each other and be at peace. The ripple from this will be immeasurable. More true leaders (activists, if you will), are emerging daily. Massive move toward consciousness is headed toward the shores of every continent. Earth is about to get swallowed by a tsunami of consciousness.

You’ll see. This shit is permeating schools, churches, businesses, and more.


If people had this same energy for when police do this we wouldn’t be here.

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A healthy skepticism is required anyway, but as it is now you’ll probably get a better picture of reality simply by burying your head in the sand.

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If people had this much energy when Congress passes unConstitutional laws, we wouldn’t be here!


When has there not been propaganda?
We’ve all been born into propaganda
We’ve all spent our lives saturated in propaganda
From every direction and everywhere
I tell my girls, every message they see has been carefully crafted and that the world is set up to extract money from your wallet
Don’t hop on every fad — be who you are — never be who you think the world wants you to be
The only way you will attract the kind of people you want around you is by being you
And so on

But who we are is a product of our era and where we live
Yes, of course choice enters into the picture, but we can only be the sum of our experience

But it’s interesting — even my teenage girls can see the world is less free than it was even 40 years ago
Within limits, I tell them my crazy stories from when I was young and they say — we could never do that now — and sometimes it’s true

In many ways the world is better
In many ways it’s far worse
I have great concern for the future — mainly because we’re wasting financial resources on the present with no concern for the future
I believe our financial sustainability is much more an immediate concern than environmental sustainability — although that’s a biggie further into the future

Anyway — if you’re concerned about propaganda I think it’s more about awakening to reality than anything new
At some point we’re all “Neo” waking up to the Matrix that is our lives


See? Healthy skepticism. I had Brittany Spears and the Spice Girls as my object lessons for my daughter.

You’re starting to sound like a conservative now.

But to the bigger question of propaganda, we didn’t used to have a pseudo-entertainment industry built between politicians and media outlets. We didn’t have a 24/7-365 campaign industry. We wanted to know what politicians thought, but mainly only during their campaigns. We expected them to go to work after the election, but not working on the next campaign. We’ve turned them all into entertainment figures providing only opinions, criticisms and attacks… In other words, propaganda. It didn’t used to be this much content. The news used to resemble NHK World more than the Springer Show.

I’m totally a financial conservative
Also an economic conservative
Probably more a social liberal
I think that makes me a libertarian


It gives me so much joy to hear people say they have to question everything they hear from the media… you have no idea how happy that makes me lol I have such fear for the direction of the country based on how much opinion based journalism people consume and follow blindly. I hope to god people are starting to wake up to the fact that they’re being used as pawns in a real life world of Chess/Risk.


Looking at the map, how can Panama and Costa Rica have the same rating? And, yeah, I know these rating games are sketchy at best. But Costa Rica is a much more chill place to be, and they don’t even have a standing army here!


Love this post. We truly are Neo waking up in the Matrix…if only people realized the extent of it.

And yes, I am concerned about propaganda. And yes, I do know I was born into it. The more concerning thing is, they are getting SO much better at it. The manipulation is getting into levels of psyops, NLP, conditioning, and they are literally putting humans into a trance.

Anyone that knows about hypnosis, NLP, etc, consider this.
First, we have a virus that impacts the lungs
Next, people have to wear masks, and we are conditioned to see that.
(still pretty normal/precautionary response)
Next some dude gets killed by being choked by a cop
Now…the media hands out signs that say “I can’t breathe”
Crowds (masterminds) walking around changing (incantations) chanting “I can’t breath…I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe” They’re literally chanting that, as well as others.
These chants are created, not organically but the protestors, but handed down, breathing more and more life into the limiting story.

The media “talking points” literally worded the exact same way on every channel. There are layers and levels to it that get more woo-woo and others that get more “conspiracy theory”.

It’s out of hand. The Jedi Mind tricks don’t work on the strong-minded thought.


Honestly, I’d much rather get bombarded by Black Lives Matter than the never-ending LGBTQ stuff

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There are many habits of the media that can be observed. You’ll notice that no matter which network you’re watching, their special guests are hawking a book or a movie. Every. Time. It is very disturbing how lock-step they are in their narratives and talking points. Very disturbing.

But to build on your Matrix vibe, check the book Surveillance Capitalism.

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And 90% originates from one party.