The toughest part of the schedule is officially over

So that’s it. We made it through the toughest part of the schedule. We all knew it had the potential to be brutal, and quite frankly it was. But it’s over, done with.

2-3-1. Quite frankly what many of us expected could happen.

But when I look at the schedule ahead of us, I only see 1 really tough game left.

Not trying to hype anyone else up, but for myself, I can definitely see 8 wins as possible.


After what the Vikings did to us today, on our home turf, I simply can’t even hope for a win in their house. Unless Patricia can get his head out of his ass and figure out a way to actually put some pressure on Cousins. The weakest link on that team is Cousins and we let him sit back and pick us apart today.

But the rest?

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I too, have them finishing @ 8-7-1.

Unfortunately that won’t get them anywhere.

packers will fall. They’re the third best team in the division.

oh contraire mon frere, I mean 8 “more” wins.

I disagree, yes we should’ve won, but I think they are better then us, and the bears. Toss up between them and Minny.

I had us at 1-5 at this point, before the season started. What pisses me off is how we got to 2-3-1.


I has us going 7-9 but starting 2-5.

But watching how we got here has me furious.

Yep. Even when I go into the game expecting them to lose, once you get into the flow of the game it definitely gets infuriating watching them lose.

I mean, we really should have a 5-1 record. Piss poor coaching and officiating are beginning to make me think everyone is in on it, except the fans!

Any team with a running game and a semi competent defense is going to give us trouble.

I thought that Raiders game was a W before today now I don’t know.

the chipiness by lions players at the end of the game tells me things are reaching the sore loser point at only game 6 in the season. it’s a sign they’re getting beat physically / mentally and one of the first symptoms of a quitter mentality that arises out of frustration that i’ve seen many times before. they got 10 games left to change that attitude if they want to fight for anything to play for in january. i see things heading towards waffling from week to week at this point.

You think the Packers are worse than the Bears? I can’t say that I agree.

There are quite a few bad teams left on our schedule, but I cannot chalk all of them up as victories at this point. Especially with KJ being hurt, Snacks getting hurt, Slay banged up again and our defense being one of the worst in the NFL when we had snacks and slay. Not to mention the defensive line overall flat out sucks. We went into the season thinking it was one of our strengths and it has been the complete opposite. Daniels is dead or something. Bryant, who knows. Snacks is having a poor year and is now banged up. Hand never plays. Flowers is a complete dumpster fire and waste of money. Our deepest/strongest position group has quickly become our biggest liability. That will be enough to keep all of our opponents in the game, regardless of how bad they are

All I know for sure is that the Lions beat the Packers, and the Vikings beat the Lions (fair and square).
The Lions would be 5-1 if not for officiating and poor coaching.
The way I see the division;
1 -Minnesota
2 -Detroit
3 -Green Bay
4 -Chicago
I still think Detroit is actually the best team in the division.

“You are what your record says you are” - Bill Parcells

The Lions are 2-3-1 and full marks for it.
IF you want to say they deserved to win the Green Bay game and the Kansas City game, you can easily say that they deserved to lose the Philly and LAC games if those teams didn’t implode.
2-3-1 is what the Lions deserve to be. Mediocre and right in the middle of the pack of mediocre teams which is pretty much where most people expected them to be if not a little better than some projections.

Minny and Green Bay are the class of the division. The only argument is Bears vs. Lions for the basement and at least the Bears have winning pedigree with pretty much the same team so I’d give them the nod.

I assume NY stands for New York.


If this team has any heart left there is no reason they shouldn’t win the next 3 games…

Lose any of them and the playoffs will be tough to get…

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Meh. I’ll agree with you on the GB game, because it was stolen, the rest, I don’t agree.

AZ fans will tell you that if their defensive back doesn’t drop the gift Stafford threw him, they win that game.

Charger fans will tell you that if they weren’t missing like 7 of their top 10 players, they wouldn’t have lost by 3.

Philly fans will tell you that if their WR doesn’t drop a gimme, they win that game.

KC won because our QB and RB shit their pants with unforced errors inside the Chiefs 10 yard line.

The only game that was stolen was Green Bay. So, if you want to say we should be 3-2-1 right now, I wouldn’t disagree. However, 5-1 is rich.

Until we match up with Chicago, I cannot put us ahead of them. Minny ate our lunch and GB stole one. I have a hard time deciding if we are better than GB overall, or were just better last Monday, because we have looked like garbage a lot this year and GB has looked dominant at times.

I said 3-3 start then 8-2 rest of the way. Right now i’m close but my feelings lean more towards 2-8 than 8-2. Raiders, nyg, Dallas, all have good RBS and that scares me. Bears who knows? Tampa could beat us by 20 or lose by 30. Minny is just better. GB is playing better and have their own striped insurance policy.