The Value of Continuity

Active number of consecutive winning seasons (2019 included):

5: PIT
6: KC
7: SEA
19: NE

Those teams like New England, Seattle, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh all have something most obvious in common and that’s stability at the top. Bill Belichick has been the coach of the Patriots for 20 seasons. Pete Carroll has been the coach of the Seahawks for 10 seasons. The Chiefs and the Steelers have both kept Andy Reid and Mike Tomlin in the top spot 7 and 13 seasons respectively.

I don’t think this is the only reason, but it’s sure as hell one of 'em. Ain’t saying Quinn and Patricia need to stay or go, but I am saying we better see some progress PDQ. So far I am not impressed, it feels like we are not drafting the best talent available and are overpaying players who are not exactly earning their paychecks.


My wife was giving me a hard time as a steeler fan. She started remembering the games in 1994. Since 1994 she has experienced 16 winning seasons and 3 seasons…3!!! below .500. And of course the 4 SB appearances. Thanks Dad for passing on this family tradition of being a Lions fans. lol.

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The Steelers used to be a doormat team for decades until Chuck Noll came along. Ditto Green Bay until Lombardi, and the Patriots weren’t much until Belichick showed up.


Totally agree here - too many in today’'s society are programmed to go with “change now” for instant gratification. its doesn’t work. we are in a world where resentment is king and gratitude is nothing.

we have a great OC, and good GM and HC imho…

maybe the Dc needs to go.

But, we also have serious injuries as does other teams.


changing to just change in the heat of distress is stupid.

leave them along for now. like it or not, its the best move.


For most cases you need to win to have continuity. Marvin Lewis may be the only recent example of a coach that kept his job despite having more losing seasons than winning seasons. Out of 16 seasons, he only had 7 winning seasons and 3 .500 seasons. After going 11-5 in his 3rd year, he went 3 years in a row going .500 or worse then had a winning season 5 out of the next 6 years but ultimately went 0-7 in the playoffs. He finished his career with the Bengals with 3 consecutive losing seasons.

Two years ago there were rumblings that John Harbaugh was about to lose his job. He’s a Super Bowl winning coach and the owner still felt the need for change after the team went 5-11, 8-8, and 9-7. Good coaches are such a rare commodity and it’s baffling that some owners can’t weather the storm with a proven coach.

Now for a coach like Patricia that hasn’t won anything or even showed improvement from the previous regime, well there’s no sense in throwing good money after bad. The stats show that if you’re not winning by the end of your 3rd season then it’s never going to happen. I wouldn’t be opposed to firing Patricia after this season with the major regression on the defense, but I just don’t care enough anymore if they give him one more year. If he fails next year then he needs to be fired and Quinn should be shown the door as well.


It’s Patricia’s team and his defense, that’s one big reason why he was brought in here and so far he has utterly failed. Here we are, half-way through his 2nd season and we still have blown coverages and guys out of position to make a tackle. I don’t know why, I thought the defense got more talented over the off-season and would pickup where they left off in 2018. Didn’t happen, probably due to injuries up front on the DL, but dang. And our back 8 are not good enough to rush only 3 IMHO.

regardless brother… we don’t change our HC at this time… he get another yr imo. and a big part of it it this OP’s point; continuity and a long term plan.

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Although this was not in the last 30 years, the first example that came to my mind of sticking with a coach and system is Tom Landry multiple super bowl-winning coach of the Dallas Cowboys. In his first five seasons the team had a losing record all five seasons. The team’s overall record in that five-year period in the beginning was 18 wins 46 losses and four ties. Bill Walsh’s tenure with the 49ers in the first two seasons, both losing seasons, had an overall record of 8 wins 24 losses. Chuck Noll teams with the Steelers had a losing record the first three years with an overall record of 12 wins and 30 losses I’m confident there are others but just thought I’d start with the MULTIPLE Super Bowl winning Hall of Famers first :-).

That doesn’t mean that Matt Patricia is on the level of any of those coaches and I’m not even defending Patricia. But there are strong examples of sticking with it

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I do think they deserve more time.

But they need to be aggressive this offseason. Let’s face it, there are a lot of moving parts on an NFL team. But there are moves that can make this into a formidable team by next September. They need to add some difference makers on defense. Stay the course and find ways to try and get better on offense.

Abject you are a numbers and probability guy.

No coach that won a single playoff game in the salary cap his started career with 3 losing seasons. 78% of them made the playoffs in their 1st 2 seasons.

No Superbowl winning coach missed the playoffs their 1st 3 years. 16 out 18 made it in their first 2 years.

At this point its literally improbable this gets turned around next year.

Patricia for all intents and purposes is the DC.

I also don’t see what’s measurably good about him as a head coach.

I think the writing is on the wall for sure. Let’s see what they can do in 2020. I think everyone will be on board with a clean sweep if they suck next year. And by suck, I mean don’t make the playoffs. In a way, it’s exciting. Because I believe Quinn will take more chances this offseason. Could be fun. We’ll see.

Also let’s say Matt stays, if you are firing a OC and DC within the 1st 2 years, how much continuity do you really have?

Paul Pasqualoni was brought in as OUR DC , Patricia , was brought in as OUR HC (even though he was the DC in New England)

I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors but it’s not working ! Maybe MP is suggesting things to Paul but Paul doesn’t want to hear it? but Patricia isn’t our DC.

Our defense was top 10 last season and crumbled in 2019.

I was taken aback when MP was NOT named our DC , but our HC -when he had ties to Pats defense. instead Paul P got the DC title and Patricia was named HC (I think ONLY bc we needed one). That said, I don’t see Paul allowing anyone to HELP him because the defense is pathetic.

This is Chris Spielman basically confirming Matt is the DC. Matt has been calling the plays no matter what he says in the postgame pressers

Chris is responding to a fan that is saying the DC should be fired.

Chris works for the team and is a Lions legend. I don’t think he puts this out there if it isn’t true

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I haven’t had time to trust and verify your data.

But, let’s assume it’s true.

  • that’s why I wrote my initial post as I did… “ leave them alone for now” :crazy_face:

  • I am still rolling with hope for the Lions to make the playoffs at only 1%. Why cause is possible while not very probable.

Matt like itnor not, got the offsense right with thebhirimg of our new OC. No one in this boards knows the fate of our current DC other than God amd MP.

We just have to wait. I mean last ur we had the D: this yr the O. Next yr why not both baby!

As you’ve shown with your data … 78 not 100… so there is that 22% of coaches that made it to the playoffs in thier third yr.?

I in the boat of you got to let the ride!

Love you use of logic on this one brother!


Your work inspired me, seriously.

The only comp I see for this regime that gives me hope is the 9ers.

We all know Jimmy G got hurt last year but their defense was abysmal. Nick Mullins is probably still 9-1 with this defense.

They didn’t fire a single defensive coach now the defensive coordinator will be a head coaching candidate.

For people who want to have faith in this defense turning around they are the comp.


Maybe I’m wrong, but defenses are supposed to rebound faster than offenses when there’s a change, right? But here we are, regressing IMHO to historic lows on defense, WTF? I get it, the injuries have been killers, even before the season started. But at some point it’s gotta click, I thought it did over the back half of 2018, but no.

Maybe they give MP another year, maybe not. Might depend on how they finish, 5-10-1 is not gonna cut it. Martha ain’t getting any younger.

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Could it be a combo of Specifically WHO is injured, uniqueness of scheme and the LB’s suck?

I mean the defense runs through the front line and that front line is decimated…and that maybe makes crappy LB play even crappier…I really don’t know…specualting

Don’t think people give MP credit for going out and getting Bevell. He called him and brought him in…

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I’ve been saying this for a decade. No continuity. Vets are learning right along w/rooks, instead of being more like coaches on the field. Learning a new system makes the players look bad, having to draft new guys to fit a new system, and the guys you do keep have to learn what they can/can’t count on teammates for. Lots of irregularity = lots of growth, learning, and acquisitions to be made.

I want Patricia to find his old Patriot DC pimp juice and unlock some creativity. Seems like we are hardly using LBs to create pressure. Early on, Kenard was getting all up in the QBs grill. Why the change? Seemed to be working. I feel like the reasons for opposing WRs getting open has WAY more to do with the opposing QB getting 5 minutes to walk through progressions/let guys get open than it does blown coverages and missed tackles (though we do have some of that as well). Te biggest issue is lack of pressure. We will never win the division if we can’t pressure Cousins. He is a solid QB, if he has time. If he doesn’t, he’s going to turn the ball over.

Also, where did our ability to force turnovers go? We don’t even punch at the ball, anymore.