The vizqueens draft has been way overrated

Hey berry got news for you …its may that’s what we do with no sports. You have a great grasp of the perfectly obvious We know teams have to produce on game day. No one has seen any of these players in the nfl .lol are you kidding me . all these draft grades are based on collage and pro scouts.

My point for example Danielle Hunter. He was drafted in the 3rd rd. He’s a pro bowler and one of the best past rushers in the NFL. He a Lion killer

The NFL is a different ball game. If you redo the draft no way in hell he is a 3rd rounder. College and Pro scouts can be wrong, have been wrong and will be wrong

I agree with you 100% that is what makes draft talk and grades so fun. We can all look back and see where we and the teams were right and wrong. Mho is the vikings had a gôod draft but not a great draft . the lions have not met expectations (and thats a huge understatement lol) but is it quinn or matty p ? I was not crazy about the draft last year but. I love the draft this year. We will see next yr or the next if i was right or wrong … One thing i do know is that i enjoy posting and reading other posts about the lions.

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I’ve been trying to figure out what the Lions want to do lately. It resembles nothing like New England (the past couple years) offensively or defensively. If I had to guess (which i could be wrong) they want to control the ball i.e. run it and create explosive plays down field offensively. So play-action with a lot of slow developing plays downfield. What happens when linemen get beat, you need someone with some mobility to make a play. Can Stafford do that or will he take sacks?I Also, besides Golladay, what receiver is explosive enough to push the ball downfield too?

I believe they are switching to a more zone scheme for the linemen. Obviously, the interior oline is weak besides, Ragnow. I hope the draftees can come in and really make a difference and solidify that area

Defensively, bend but don’t break yet they played more press coverage than most teams in the NFL with only a 3 man rush. I’m not sure what the fvck they doing. if someone can explain this concept please chime in.

Yes they had a good draft but giving up Diggs is a pretty big loss.

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I really liked the Gladney and Lynch picks.

I thought Gladney and Terrell were the 2 best m man coverage CBs after Okudah and Henderson. Also like Lynch particularly as a 3 tech and had him in mocks for us. I hope they don’t pan out.

I have the complete confidence in bevell he has been great where ever he has been. Lions will score points lots of them. Matty.p on the other hand… ahhhhhh not so much… Defence is where my concern is . especially getting off the field on third down. I agree also cash on lynch dt baylor on the limited video on gladney just dont see it… But i have been wrong more times then

It seems like Rick Spielman use the draft guide book drafting technique. It seems to work pretty well.

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Vikes will kick our asses as usual , have a better record.

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This thread took a fun turn but I’d like to talk about the OP point.

Justin Jefferson is one hell of a player. He will be an immediate step down from Diggs but ultimately I think he can be as good a player in the long run.

Jeff Gladney I felt was overrated in the early draft projections. I thought he’d be an early second rounder to be honest. Ultimately I think he can be a decent-to-solid NFL CB. He might not ever be a Probowl player but I think he can be solid player. I expect growing pains for him.

Ezra Cleveland should be a good NFL player. He’s nothing special but has the makings to be a quality starter. I figured he would go mid round two. Not flashy but a solid pick.

I like DB’s - Dantzler and Hand. Both are projects but both have some serious upside. Hand is a bit of a ball hawk too. Personally I think Dantzler can become a starting caliber DB and Hand an above average role player.

I think they got a steal in Troy Dye. He’s a gritty LBer and should fit in nicely into the Vikes style of play.

The rest of their draft are projects but Min is good at finding a steal or two.

I think they had a good draft.