There are five guys at the top of this draft class

We all would like on our team.
We probably all realize we can’t get Chase Young, he is number one.
Assuming we can’t get him, there are four others we might get: one is a CB, one is an OT, one is a WR, the last could be a LB.
I see them being Jeff Okudah, Andrew Thomas, Jeff Jeudy and Isaiah Simmons. You could throw in different players like Espenesa…whatever.
If Young is gone, we choose from two of these guys.
The case for Jeudy, Jones and Golladay are both up for new contracts 2020. Most talented WR since Calvin for Stafford.
The case for Thomas. Glasgow is up, Decker will be up. Wagner is expensive and up soon.
The case for Okudah, Slay is probably gone. We might even get draft assets for him, sooo, replacing him + those assets, whatever they are, is mighty appealing.
Simmons, well our LB’ers are the achilles heel to this defense
Espenesa, a pass rush would be nice.

I’d be really disappointed if we drafted a WR with our first pick

I’ll only be disappointed in the 1st round pick if he sucks.


Wouldn’t be surprised if a OT was in play…

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They will probably take a CB, which of course will be terrible value, and will take halfway through his rookie deal to become a competent starter. The Lions will look to take the player with the least positional value. The pick should either be an OT DE or QB. No other position in the top 5 is worth taking.

They see CB as a need and made an offer for Chris Harris.

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Well, since the top 2 WR’s in the league, “can’t get seperation”, we should probably take Jeudy, right?

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At this early stage, wouldn’t be upset with either of the grunts, Thomas or Brown.

Disagree. If you limit yourself to drafting positions, you miss out on Calvin Johnson or Ndamakong Suh. I’m sure the comeback is, “We never won anything with those two, so we should’ve taken someone else.”
You’ll never convince me those two weren’t the right picks. Joe Thomas and Jason Pierre-Paul aren’t the difference between winning or losing a playoff game. It’s all the other bad decisions compounded.


If you havent seen Isaiah Simmons play do yourself a favor and check this kid out.Imagine Darwin James + 20 lbs he plays S,LB,Nickle and rushes the QB.This kid is just dynamic and exactly what the Lions need on D.I see him Okuda and Espinosa as my top 3 if we pick 4-7.

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I am willing to take an elite DT in the top 5. I am not willing to take a WR.

just checked out his high light–like his grit ,determination and speed to recognize plays–i would take him in a heart beat

I don’t know. Seems like taking Blake Bortles or Greg Robinson over Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans cause of position… just seems wrong to me. But history suggests most teams would agree. Position over talent. At least, that’s what it feels like sometimes.

I’m split on Thomas. On one hand, god damnit another first round left tackle. On the other hand, dude is a true dancing bear unlike Reiff or Decker (or Backus is we’re going way back.). He’s quite likely to be elite early in his career.

If you take him I assume we slide Decker over for a year and cut Wagner.

Just seems like you didn’t fill a hole with the first round pick but instead improved an important position. Has some merit.

I think I’d prefer to trade back and go defense to be honest

Yep, it sucks, but taking Thomas does have its merits.

And then in 2021 we’ll be looking for a new Right Tackle as well. Sure would be nice to get this OL stablized so we can quit the revolving door and get some continuity going for once.

So, I guess you can argue any number of things. Our defense is in need of playmakers. But, the team is in need of playmakers. So, I can ride with any of them. The only one not a playmaker is a stud OT.

the more damn picks we have the better to get quality players IMO.

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Who knows how FA will go or the remaining games, but right now I would trade up for Chase Young or trade back for Derrick Brown or Epenesa. This team needs to pressure the QB more than anything. The 2nd round can be more about BPA (DB, OL, LB, WR or RB)

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I think Brown goes top 8 and if I had to bet money on the Lions taking someone, he would be the pick

This is what I’m rooting for, brother! Hope you are right!

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He’s a literally everything Patricia wants from a dlineman.

And he fits the character profile. Team captain, nominated for all types of academic and character awards.