There’s no “I” in Detroit ? Interesting read on Patricia

This article confirms a lot of the talk surrounding Allen Park. Is MP being to rigid or is he onto something with the addition by subtraction approach?

From the article:

Having players buy into a team’s system absolutely gives any franchise their best opportunity to win, but it’s hard for grown men to buy-in when they are treated like schoolboys who will be expelled because they have a personality.

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We’ve been hearing this same sentiment since year one of this vapid experiment, to pretty terrible results.


There’s no “W.I.N.” in Detroit either, just sayin…


Nope, just ROT.

Which is all this team has ever done.

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Can you really call it an article? He’s just a guy on Fansided. Probably fueled by your assessment of Patricia on this very site. It’s a post more than an article. Wonder what his screen name is here.


That’s what I thought when saw that at the top of the page.

I’ll provide another article from the Free Press who is quoting Quandre Diggs that supports the first one.

From this article and Quandre Diggs himself:

I think it was more of just a control thing,” he told the Free Press in a phone interview Thursday to promote the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. “Them wanting to control the locker room. Control the locker room, control voices in the locker room.”

Asked about his relationship with current Lions coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, Diggs said: “It is what it is.”

“Like I say, I don’t have no ill will towards anybody, but at the end of the day, I’m at a new organization that respects the players, they respect your personality and the people that you are,” he said.

I will add one more piece of evidence to support the narrative. (just for good measure)

This is what Q. Jammer said after the Diggs trade and Q. Diggs shared it in support.

You have Diggs sharing his opinion in a Free Press article. That is an “article” for sure with an actual source and quotes.

You have Diggs’ brother saying something that he then shared. So we’re doubling up on the Diggs perspective. No problem. It’s a tweet. You can assume it’s a swipe at the Lions. That’s OK.

Then we have what was written at fansided. It’s a blog. It’s a guy’s reaction to what he’s reading online, not informative. Not an article. It’s a reaction, not a proof.

I’ve interacted with Diggs on Twitter. I didn’t want him to be traded necessarily, but I do know he’s quite opinionated, stubborn and narrow in his views. Enough so that I stopped following him at the beginning of last year. I’m not going to defend the team here and the 9 wins over 2 years, but I’m also not going to take too much of Diggs’s venting to heart. Less so will I consider some guy on a blog who’s echoing a sentiment found online or on-air. It’s not further proof, it’s further reaction. It’s a growing narrative due to the number of people outside expressing their perception, not further expression from inside the organization.

Diggs wanted to play football his way. He wanted the team to play his way. He undoubtedly seen how we were prone in situations. Slay echoed that mid-season. They have their ideas on how they would like to defend given the personnel they have around them. Well, the coaches also have their ideas on how they would like the players to defend. Their view is often with a longer outlook than that of a player. They’re installing a defensive “system”. There’s a balance between teaching/installing and compromising with players. They could acquiesce to the desire of the db’s, but in doing that they could weaken their overall effort of developing the system. Patricia, Pasqualoni or even the former DB coach may not be balancing those decisions well. I don’t know. But as I said, I’m not going to shade it black or white based on Diggs, nor will fan expression shade my opinion.


Keep in mind Linebusy that I broke the issues with Diggs and Tate just before they were sent packing. Long before anyone in the media did. I sometimes do hear things. The rumblings I’ve been hearing is that MP is a stubborn man who doesn’t take criticism well. That he has a likable personality and that most employees around Allen Park like him. But the players are much more mixed on him. Some players feel that MP is impossible to satisfy.

In the Diggs situation the story I heard was that several players approached Diggs with concerns and suggestions. Diggs being a team captain voiced those concerns in a team meeting and MP didn’t take it well. Without warning Diggs was sent packing less than a week later. That is why several players were upset by it. That is why Slay spoke out publicly. Now Slay is on the hot seat out of town. Since then more and more keeps coming out and the first link just supports the rumors. Take it for what it’s worth.

It’s a rigid scheme , very dependent on guys being in a spot they are supposed to be , a gap , a zone , a depth etc…This is very much an inmate trying to control or have a say in how the prison is run …That’s not necessarily a bad thing getting input that might make the prison a better place to be or one that functions more coherently …

You cant go to that place until the structure is well defined , set in stone and running the way it needs to be . Until all have bought in and are doing everything the way you want it done regardless if they think it’s the best way to do it . Diggs Job in that scenario was to hear the players out and then tell them …I hear you …Now do your Job. Follow the plan , squash any dissent be a leader by example , keep shit in house , stay off social media …He would be a Lion if he was doing those things , he chose instead to be part of the problem …
Those players not on board needed to be weened out and removed the same way they would be in any business. Any comment from Diggs or any released or traded player will have malice I take it with a grain of salt .

You did indeed drop the grumbles…props to you. You are the reason I have been really doubting if this team can fix this crap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was Tate sent packing over issues? The lions offered him a “lucrative deal” and he turned it down. They were faced with getting nothing if they didn’t trade him. The reality is they probably did believe that Diggs was expendable and let him go because of it and the fact that he opiniated might have been the cherry on top. If they wanted to keep Tate and offered him a “lucrative deal” then it would point to them being okay with dealing with opinionated players as long as they bring value to the team.

I am just going to throw this out there. We are talking about a few players (Diggs, Slay and even Tate) who are vets and big egos. It doesn’t surprise me that they were rubbed wrong by Patricia.

I am not seeing how an opinion piece confirms anything Air, it is simply repeating the same info out there and speculating that Stafford is next on the chopping block.

I absolutely take your word for what you are saying. When you post that you’re hearing something from Allen Park, I listen and take it as truth. That first link didn’t share any such information. The first link is more a reaction to what you’ve said in these forums, not a confirmation with new sources. I also think words shared about the goings on in Allen Park can be shaded either dark or rosy based on the perspective of the person doing the sharing.

Slay spoke out because he was caught off-guard just like the rest of us. But as you know, he’s been availble for trade at the right price before any of this went down.

I haven’t heard what Tate was offered but I did hear that it was below market value. If I recall I think Tate confirmed that. Regardless … what I was hearing was Tate was unhappy with MP… mainly he felt that nothing he did made MP happy. Apparently MP was in his ass pretty hard (all the time) and Tate was crying to anyone who would listen. In Tates case I think the head coach drove Tate out of DET. I think BQ felt the divide and decided to get what he could. I think BQ knew it wasn’t mendable.

In Diggs case. He stood up to MP and MP didn’t like it and decided to ship him out. I think a better HC would have been more open to listening and would have worked through it as a professional.

In Slays case (I have heard a lot) - Slay really wants to stay in DET. He’s not afraid to voice his opinions about staying, leaving or the coaching situation. He’s been pretty open. But Slay ultimately feels he’s earned some respect. He feels that the coaching staff doesn’t really respect its players. So he’s taking the stance of “show me you respect us” (me) and pay me. I think it would go a long way towards mending things in DET if they did but I fear they won’t.

For me as a fan I hear the HC is at odds with multiple players. Mostly the most vocal ones. That he disrespects them and at the first sign of friction he sends them packing.

Personally I think good coaches are good at managing multiple personalities. They are good at building a team atmosphere. They are good at adjusting their scheme to fit their players.

I think MP is too rigid for an NFL HC. We see this in his actions on how he manages his roster and players. If someone doesn’t fit his scheme perfectly than he’s not changing the scheme. He’s changing the player. If a player speaks out or disagrees with his approach than that player is sent packing. MP is pretty stubborn and like Josh McDaniels I do not think he was ready to be a NFL HC. He would probably succeed as a college HC

Think about the reporter incident and how MP reacted towards that reporter. That is who he is.

That’s mainly why I’ve lost most of my hope in BQ and MP.

With that said … I’ve heard MP has learned from his earlier mistakes and had improved his approach towards players last year. But it maybe too little too late. I guess time will tell.