These defensive head coaches

Vrabel can’t even touch mahomes. Do some thing different ?, is coaching that hard when other team keep fooling you ?Do some thing to touch mahomes than playing feared. Patricia should have given 100 points against healthy kc. Today’s game proved you can not win with qbs like Stafford

I watched half a game and came to a conclusion, trust me guys I’m really smart. If only there was more than one way to win. But wait, I thought Andy Reids obesity disqualifies him from winning. Please clarify.


Oh here we go.


You think Reid is going going beat shanahan ? If that happens I will owe you an apology . No contract for tannehil, everything is play action

Love it! We should be going there. Ridiculous claims. Such a high percentage of coaches are overweight, yet so many want to focus on our coaches physique. reee-dick-youuu-luss!


You should coach you are so smart

Please go apply and let us know when they laugh your butt off the property!


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Leflur don’t command head coaching role , baby face

Please enlighten us, what upcoming coach has a sexy enough jawline to get the Lions on track? Man finally someone figured this out!
Belichick is a troll in human form dude, yet he doesn’t seem to have any trouble.


Thanks for the laugh, brother! It’s not just a tight ass, anymore…gotta have the Cowher jaw too. SO funny

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Iggy used to argue this on the old scout site as well. He was insistent that Brad Ausmus was a great coach because he looked hot. That panned out well.


I wish everyone on the board would ignore him the way I did. So much less drama.

Who is it that you are referring to, Iggy or ESPNbaby?

So THAT is your takeaway?? My gosh… How about give Stafford anything CLOSE to the TEAMS that are left standing and he probably won’t be the problem. Just… wow.

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Problem is that game has evolved , no future for qbs like Stafford. Tannehil proved that as a by stander yesterday . This generation is for qb like mahomes and Wilson . Every other pocket passers need rb , offen sive line etc, those resources are hard to invest now a days

Uh no. I never ONCE argued that Ausmus was good stop lying. I always thought Ausmus was shit. I have no problem with people calling me out if I am wrong about something. But what you just said is 100% something I never said because I NEVER backed Ausmus. I do think it matters that Patricia is a total slob, though. You can’t have the leader of an organization looking like that.

Iggy didn’t say this either I bet

“These NFC battles with “top” teams, just shows how much better Dallas is compared to the rest of the NFC.”


Almost as funny as his whole “point differential” excuse while ignoring his team beat nobody with a pulse.

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How does Reid get away with it? Belichick is a total slob. If you’re good it doesn’t matter. BTW I’m not saying Patricia is good. Scotty Bowman looked like a special needs Michael Ironside, but it didn’t matter, he was a kickass leader. You should get to know some leaders in real life. There’s no single recipe for a great leader. Whether or not they look like they come out of central casting means less than nothing.


Not for Stafford but future is for QB’s like Garrappollo!

What about the NFC Game? Garapolo didn’t have to do much, and Erin couldn’t do enough.
Maybe we should see what happens in the Super Bowl to have this discussion?

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