Things created and now obsolete since Lions last playoff win

Hey! It’s that time again! Let’s perspectivize our collective misery!

I’ll go first-

The Spice Girls
Jason Alexander
The Fox Track Puck
The Yugo
Val Kilmer’s career
Ren and Stimpy
The Saturn Car Company
Smashmouth, Linkin Park and Nirvana
The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Law and Order, NCIS and Friends
Michael Jordan’s Entire 2nd act as minor league ballplayer,3rd act as Rodman’s babysitter, 4th act as Washington Wizard, 5th act as GM and Owner…and…whatever the hell he is ruining now
Ana Nicole Smith
The Maastricht Treaty :slight_smile:
Beanie Babies


IBM, Cassettes, Walkman’s, Zip drives, Boy Bands, Dial-up modems, Circuit City, Beepers, Answering Machines, AOL messenger, Hot-n-Now, when was Block Buster founded?

Wait Mullets aren’t in style anymore?

shuffle mullet GIF


I’m just going to assume the original poster was talking about the fish, not the awesome hairstyle.


Mullets were already obsolete in 91.

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For the sanctity of this bit, please people, stop listing things that were created before the Lions last playoff win. If you need an example of this, see Air’s entire list.

The interwebz are saying it was 1985.

I remember when my boss spent some time in one of our company meetings talking about the rise and fall of Blackberry and just how fast you can rise to the top of the food chain and then fall off into the abyss. It was actually a cool demonstration. It was around 2012 or so (don’t quote me on the exact year). He asked everybody in the room to hold up their work phones and personal phones. I should probably give context that we got to choose whatever work phones we wanted and he’d buy them, we weren’t assigned a brand by upper management. Every phone in the room, both work and personal, was either an iPhone or some kind of Android type device. He then said “if I would have asked you to do that 2 years ago, every single person in this room would be holding up a Blackberry. Now, not a single one of you has one. That’s how fast it can happen.” Then he went into his spiel.

I subtly made that point referencing 1991.
In his defense, we did have some “since the last time they won a championship” threads going this fall, so I don’t blame him for his mind going where it did.

My sex life…


Some of us are slow learners…

I mean some people are slow learners…

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Speak for yourself, bruh!

Circuit MF’n City, bruh!

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Never had a blackberry.


Zubaz pants…Starter jackets…


I have a 60" Rear Projection Samsung DLP TV on its way to the curb that I bought from Circuit City when they were on their way out. It’s funny to think that the price point for a budget big screen was $1650 (same price as the 55" I had bought some 15 years earlier). Now it’s $600.

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Circuit City was referenced several times in the book Good To Great. They definitely over-leveraged themselves. Opposite of organic growth.

I bought a rear projection DLP (first smart tv I ever saw), and it was 10k. Friggin obsolete, piece of junk, boat anchor, these days. Literally couldn’t get a $100 for it, today.

If it makes you feel any better, DLP is still a thing… in projectors anyway.

Yeah, there was a funky period where guys were buying wide-screen TV’s that didn’t have digital tuners. A buddy of mine bought a Mitsubishi model. Quite expensive but near obsolete at purchase. I mean, who wants a widescreen TV with a 480p 4x3 tuner? Like… duh.

Circuit City deserved to go under for their creation of DIVX.


I bought a 32" Samsung LCD TV from Sears back when LCD was the new cool thing (instead of plasma). After taxes it cost me $932. Its still running over a decade later with no problems, but I still get a chuckle knowing I just bought a 70" smart TV for literally half the price of that LCD.

I spent $1,400 on a 50" plasma back in 2007. That thing pooped out around 2015. It would turn on, but it was like an old Zenith floor model TV where you had to let it warm up before it would work right.

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LOL - We should have bought film projectors, man!