Things Like This Is Why I Could Never Be A Liberal

Question - “Colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax exemption status if they oppose same sex marriage?”
Beto - "There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone, any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and full civil rights of every single one of us.

That is scary stuff, they’re going to single out people based on their beliefs and systematically force them to conform to their idea of what is right and wrong. Want more? Here’s what Booker said…

“For me, I can’t allow as a leader that people are going to use a religion as a justification for discrimination. I can respect your religious freedoms, but also protect people from discrimination”

He can’t ALLOW people? You want authoritarian leader? Elect a Dem…they’re literally attacking people’s beliefs and religious freedoms if they have different beliefs than they do. It’s not enough that Americans tolerate behavior and lifestyles they don’t agree with, you need to approve of them and change your fundamental thinking or they’re going to destroy you.


Beto is clearly out of line here. That would be viewpoint discrimination in the tax code.

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Not to mention a clear violation of the 1st amendment.

Side note, how would this to apply to the Islam population? They clearly don’t support same sex marriages, that would be discrimination if I remember how the left portrays people that disagree with their beliefs…


It doesn’t. They are near the top of the identity politics totem pole and thus free from any cross examination.


Yeah, Muslims totally have it easy …

Easier than the Jews, but no one seems to GAF about them

Nobody fucks with the Mormons, because everyone knows they will take that shit right to your doorstep.

“Hey, we’re just gonna, like, baptize your ancient heathen ancestors ceremonially and convert their souls to our religion, Kay?”

S’all good man…yeah, sounds great…just stop banging on my front door during sexy time with my wife, right? Right. Good. You go ahead and make great-great-great Uncle Moshe a Mormon…he kinda liked Orlando anyways…

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Awesome! You win, dude! Again!

Picking winners and losers in the name of equal rights!
Does everyone realize that the people within those organizations have rights, too? And, you’re free to disagree, but, not free to punish!

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I agree and feel the same way. The social agenda of the Democratic Party alone is a hill too far for me. Couple that with the government program to solve everything craze and I’m just left wandering in no mans land.


I support most of their social agenda. And they’ve even overshot ME on some of these things.

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OMG this is terrible. Thank goodness for an easily edited wikipedia.

" While en route to Chicago, Shahrukh Khan, a well-known Bollywood actor, was held for what he described as “humiliating” questioning for several hours in Newark Airport, New Jersey because of his common Muslim surname Khan. He was released only following the intervention of the Indian embassy

If only those “Easter Worshipers” could have experienced something so humiliating.

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I’m no Hillary fan, I think everyone knows that, but, the “Easter Worshippers” was blown totally out of proportion. It was Easter. They were worshipping. I presume, since it was Easter, they were worshipping Christ.
They were Easter, worshippers. Put the coma in the right spot and the world is a wonderful place.

Problem is, multiple high profile personalities used the same description. It was a coordinated effort to NOT describe what had went down.

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I get it. It’s hard not to fight butt hurt with butt hurt.
Someone has to adult, at some point.

AOC saying “thoughts of motherhood are bittersweet because of climate change”

Maybe when she grows up she will realize to be a good mother you need to realize the world doesn’t revolve around you and your every thought, and put your child first, instead of yourself.

I thought this was a serious question. I thought that maybe it was because you couldn’t bend over far enough to stick your head up your ass. That’s the only reason that makes sense.

Free speech for everyone unless you’re a Republican. The right to face your accuser unless you’re the president. The right to a fair trial unless your president.

Free press, unless you disgree with the left.
Free right to assemble until a Native American approaches you banging on a drum, then the free press can lie about you.

Free right to petition the government until Komrad Pelosi puts a tax on it. Freedom of religion becomes freedom from religion. Not religious freedom but religious suppression like Beto says.

2nd amendment meant to allow the people to possess weapons to protect them from a tyrannical government.

Kill babies and eat them.
Kill all the farting cows. Carbon neutral planes.
Attack the political opposition in the streets, ( like the republican softball practice, or the chain wielding guy who savagely attacked seven people and the liberal judge who let him walk) in public and their homes. Drag them into the streets and beat them, throw them in cages with child molesters and force the republican to watch the child molesters and rapists do their thing on the child of that leader and his wife. Walk into the White House and punch Trump in the face. Listen to an actor say when was the last time an actor killed a president. Behead him in effigy. If someone had said or done this to Obama they would have been assailed as racists, xenophobes, homophobes, but liberals can do it and the press ignores it. Orange man bad, must impeach. Hold impeachment proceedings in secret behind the doors of the intelligence committee.
Yep it is too difficult to be a liberal when you have to be a hypocrite a liar and a straight up bitch to do it. If you have your head up your ass you can do it really easily. Look at them here.

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It was a purposeful manipulation so they wouldn’t have to say Christians were victims of something. The reason why it sticks out is because its the same people that will go out of their way to identify someone as muslim (for instance) even when its irrelevant to the storyline.

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We agree on most things, but, I’m afraid we’re not going to on this. No biggie.
Their are a lot of things Hillary and Obama have done to be truly pissed about. A lot!
This isn’t one.

Awww…poor little Yooper. Always a victim.

that’s quite a rant. You havin a bad day?