Things Like This Is Why I Could Never Be A Liberal

And many of the things Hillary and Obama did aren’t as bad as kids getting gunned down in the streets. Everything is relative.

The reason why people were upset was because its part of a continuing pattern of disrespect. And its kind of weird that the first people to shit on Christians are the first ones to defend Muslims.

I’m not religious so its not something that bothers me at all. But I could see where they were coming from. Not only was it a pattern, but it was a coordinated effort to make sure everyone on every source was using the same language.

The left has zero respect for anyone that doesn’t fall in lockstep behind them. That’s why they’ve been losing unless they cheat. Fortunately (for them), they have no problem cheating, lying, stealing, doing anything it takes to win.

This is freaking hilarious coming from the Russian conspiracy guy that loves him some antifa. Your rants are so much more intellectual.

…and why is it you liberals think calling someone “little” or “little guy” makes you seem so much more right, or mature? Frankly you sound like a arrogant prick.

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You mean like “Liddle Bob Corker”, “Liddle Schiff” and “Little Marco”? I agree, the people who do that sound like pricks.

Yep… that’s what I said. I don’t see anyone here doing that besides the liberals though, so what does Trump have to do with this message board? Are you saying Trump is rubbing off on Nate and Ted? LOL

I know Trump lives in your head rent free, but let’s try to stay on topic.

Just never seemed to bother you. At least I never saw you express it. Weird.

I guess if Trump comes on this board and starts calling people “little guy” or “little boy” to try to win an argument then I will worry about being bothered then.

Lol. This is political discourse now. Might as well get used to it.

Laugh it up, still doesn’t change the fact that you can’t look at ANYTHING posted here without viewing it through your anti Trump lens. Perfect example.

It was very ironic. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you man.

Well, it’s Schiffforbrains…
Just saying.

I still call him Lil Marco and he was my first choice for President. I’m not sure how the name resonates amongst white voters, but amongst blacks and hispanics its a misfire in terms of trying to turn us against the guy with a name. For us its basically a term of endearment. If I were Rubio and considering another run, I would embrace the name and have Lil Marco signs everywhere.

And with that I’ll end this post with some Lil Wayne

If you’re going to post something about Lil Marco it has to have guns in it. He’s the NRA whore.

We should go door to door right now, and collect all guns and illegals and ship them out of the country. You ready?

A protestor spits on a Trump supporter during an interview with @VICE News at last night’s Minneapolis rally.

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) October 11, 2019

Those are the people the left aligns with, congratulations liberals. It won’t get 1/100th the coverage that a kid in a MAGA hot got for smiling at someone… But yeah, the media isn’t biased.


This is true. One thing, though - tough to tell the difference between real protestors and the ones that are paid to be there. How can you tell who is who? Wrong AF, either way, but craziness.

Well you can’t blame Antifa. The SPLC tells me they’re not a hate group. Now, Ben Carson, he’s clearly an extremist, but Antifa are just nice law abiding members of society.

This topic is pointless now.