Things will get ‘ugly’ if we don’t win out

Slay just cant keep his mouth shut especially when he is part of the problem. Owned by Robinson yesterday and abused by Keenan Allen earlier in the year. He is not as good as he thinks he is and its more about him than the team. Just STFU on twitter/Instagram.

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I can’t give by opinion about how feel about your post without it flagged for removal.

I’ll just say if you think he got owned yesterday or vs Keenan Allen you don’t know much about how football works

Keenan Allen did get the best of Darius Slay in week 2.

Allen might be the best route runner in the league though so that’s hardly an indictment.

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Did you watch the game?
Allen Robinson II was the Chicago’s go to guy when we needed a stop. Slay was manned up on him and could not stop him from making 3 critical catches.

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Slay tweeted that he allowed one catch and had a PI yesterday.

There isn’t a corner in the NFL that would have done better given the lack of pass rush and sheer volume of targets

“Love y’all Lion fans lets keep fighting its gonna turn around :fist:t4:

So cancerous.


PFF grades for Slay

2019 Season Stats

Solo Tackles






Receptions Allowed


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Things will get ‘ugly’ if we don’t win out

It did feel to me like Slay was in perfect position, and did well on a play or two, and didn’t even look for the ball. Almost felt like his 80% effort is still better than most DBs, but his 100% effort would have stopped the play. HIs D was good, but could have been better, IMO. Can’t say for sure. He could be distracted and fighting with his beautiful wife, he could be disgruntled with the team, or I could be completely full of shit. I’m just telling you what it looked like through my lens.

Slay isn’t the issue here, it’s the coaching. There is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much talent on that side of the ball to have a historically bad year that matches up to 2008 when the top talent level was Paris Lennon, Corey Reading and DeWayne White


I Agree completely with this statement. Slay is a top CB in the league and has shown that many times over the years. This scheme has only shown us maybe a good half of a season (2018) and nothing more. While injuries looked like a possible issue to start the season, the Defense has not gotten better as players have returned.

He is the best route runner in the league. Speed is a great asset to have but a WR with superior route running will own most speedy DBs in the nfl today. Mainly because they will get separation and if the QB delivers they will have success.

This defense is supposed to be ‘versatile’. Able to adjust scheme based on opponents… Why the vuck are we doing what appears to be the same stupid thing every single week?

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Phiz, I think the signals are mixed at each defensive position, the defenders are asked to do too much and I think Paul Pasaquali defense is tired outdated, and doesn’t work now. and NOW we ask each guy to be multi-functional and they can be, but right now during games…I think there is just too much confusion. Secondly, I don’t THINK Paul thinks there is anything wrong with his defense AND doesn’t want Patricia messing with it, so there is dysfunction there when MP TRIES to direct the defense. It equals our players getting burnt. IMO Put Matt Patricia totally in charge of the defense and can Paully….that way, IF anything is wrong you can point directly at Patricia because it would-be fully his baby.

Maybe big play Slay is as sly as a fox!..

I think he wants out of Detroit which is the exact opposite of what he says publicly. You don’t want to be made out as a trouble maker to the other 31 teams.

Too late the lions are already know Slay is a cancer. Slay has been a cancer for several years. Slay was exposed when the Lions got better DB’s and cornerback play from the other side. Now teams go at Slay just like they used to, and, he never turns around to see the ball just like he used to his first two years. Somebody will pay him, I hope we trade him. That is why he is acting like an idiot. The Lions already told him he wasn’t their priority by not re-doing his contract. Then, they ditched his bro and now he is butthurt.

Ok Boomer


LOL. Now I’ve heard it all. Slay a cancer for years now?

This fanbase couldn’t handle a winning team.


The DBs are the strength of the defense. It’s the front 7 that needs work. I’ve been happy with the DB group for the season.

The league now favors the offense so things have changed. The DBs can’t cover forever if the front 4 or 3 or blitzing linebacker can’t get to the QB.