Things will get ‘ugly’ if we don’t win out

I agree here, our secondary is better than what they are showing due to the lack of pass rush

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I agree as well.

The Defensive backfield is the least of my concerns.

  1. We need DTs that can stay healthy.
  2. We need a DE pass rush specialist.
  3. And I think we really need to look hard at our LB corps and figure out what the hell we’re gonna do there. Our LB play has been atrocious.

Slay is the latest symptom. NOT the cancer!
This team has been running off it’s star players my entire life! That’s how the 50(+) year curse came to be.

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  1. Agree
  2. Agree
  3. I would like to see davis move outside and pick up a MLB in FA or trade. I think davis would be a good blitzing OLB. There doesn’t seem to be and MLB if FA at the moment, os more likely a trade. I dont think Tavai is ready just yet. I think those 2 moves would improve a lot. Once we get a consistent pass rush the secondary would have an easier time.

And what did Slay say that is so cancerous ?

Where’s the downvote button ?


I stand corrected. There are a few but most likely will be resigned by their team.