Think I’m done for the year

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Been traveling and working some long days in Hong Kong. I kept an eye on the game today on my phone though

I can’t handle the way the Lions consistently get screwed by the refs. This game in particular pretty much killed the enthusiasm I had for the NFL this year. If it can’t be officiated fairly, what’s the point of watching? I have suddenly lost interest in watching the rest of the year

I’ll stop by again if we sniff the playoffs. Until then stay golden pony boys


Can this be the official “Declare Your Fandom for the NFL Over” thread?

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Nah. You’ll be back next week.
Quit fooling yourself.

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Why is it so hard for people to get that this could have been someone else’s last straw?

I don’t get it.


Is it hard to believe that people overreact and claim one thing and do another?

No, because I understand all people are different.

I acknowledge some are overreactions, but I also fully understand that this has legitimately broken some people’s will.

It CAN be both.


Then what’s the problem?

I have the Sunday Ticket and spend afternoon and evening on Sundays watching the NFL. I’m in 4 different re draft Fantasy leagues, play Fanduel, Draftkings, and every Sunday.

This ONE game is making me rethink the entire thing.

Like someone else said, if the outcome is predetermined why watch. It is becoming more and more evident each year that this is the case, and it’s not just the Lions games. The NFL’s product is 90% garbage, and it is the leagues fault.


Never said there was one, champ!

When the Lions win next week v Minny every single person that post on this thread will be on the train again.

At least until we lose another game LOL

Come. On.

You can’t quit us.

It’s not that we are off the Lion’s train after this loss. We go through our whole work week, talking with friends and co workers about how we have a shot to win these games. The Lions played good enough to win Monday Night, or at least have a shot to win the game at the end. Almost every NFL game comes down to the last possession, and It was taken away from us. It is demoralizing as a fan, to spend all this time and energy for the NFL to screw us over, over again. I will and want to continue my support for the Lions. Its the NFL as a whole that I do not want to support. How do I do that without punishing myself?

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I agree 100%. I know people who stopped after the Megatron thing and the Dallas playoff game. People move on to other things all the time. We all own our individual fandom, we are different.

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I will never be done with the Lions. But I’m done with the NFL.


Nope, not me. I’m dead serious, I have better things to do with my time.

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Guarantee I won’t be!
I’m not doing this to myself anymore. I will not condone corruption!

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My next two sundays are planned.

Disc golf at garfield park in GR next weekend. Hope to get in one more good day before winter.

Following Sunday going to Weiwei palace for Chinese dim sum with family. Pretty good spot on South Division by 44th st in GR.

I will see how I feel. If I dont need the games I will cancel my cable and focus on the gym this winter, go tanning more (for the winter blues).

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I’ve already stopped buying nfl products (bc they suck and I hate Nike) all my jerseys are from China for 1/8th the price. I’m a season ticket holder, but games like this almost certainly will make me cancel my tickets after this season. I’ll watch on TV, but that’s about if after this kind of disregard for loyal fans in favor of a golden child team.


Well, watching football is supposed to be a leisure activity. I enjoy watching football and some nights I will spend some time chatting about it online, but it is what it is…just entertainment.
I don’t let it affect my mood.
I look at it as a bunch of people I have never met (and probably don’t care about me) beat/lost to another group of people I have never met (and also don’t care about me).
And I totally understand following something and being a fan, but as I get older, it just really isn’t going to change my life one way or the other.

I think most fans only ask for clean officiated games and let the better team win. That’s all they ask for.

When officials clearly take that away, it becomes hard to watch and trust the NFL.