This format is easy to get used to


Uh oh. We’ll have to work on that. Sometimes the only thing appropriate is a roll of the eyes.
Quite an array of emoji, complete with skin tones.


Fixed. Now it’s 10 characters. If that’s still annoying, let me know.


It’s nice to be able to use bold and italic again!

And to quote something and have it distinct from your other text!


This is very nice so far. A lot easier to use and a cleaner look.


Yes it does… old school feel with new school functionality. And all those old school posters… It does indeed feel like home… only a matter of time before espnbaby shows up…:stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Glad you guys are digging it. I’m playing quite a bit with the functionality (if you can’t tell from the color scheme changes tonight). But there’s just a ton more options. I’ll roll them out slowly so we can adjust and grow with it.


I love this format. Great with strolling thru the forums from my mobile. Much much better than the other lions forums


Seems fairly simple. In a few days we will be pros on the new site. Seems mobile friendly so far.


Left mouse click and drag over text to highlight the text. Then hit the grey quote box above the post to the slight left. Easiest quoting function I have ever seen.


Okay, but, how do I quote from my Android?


You don’t. That’s built in to limit your replies.
Actually not sure yet. I will have to play around with the site on my phone.


I figured it out, but, I’m not telling.
Like you guys don’t know I’m an ass.


Oh, okay. You touch the line on the post you want to quote. The blue dot thingys pop up and a grey “quote” box. Put the blue dot thingys at the ends of what you want to quote, then hit the grey quote box.


Ron I just wanted to let you know that Sunday the weather is going to be nice for fishing.


Oh, so, I have to go fishing so your precious team can win?


This is such a breath of fresh air compared to 247. A+ so far.


FYI, if anyone likes a dark theme for the forum instead of the white theme, you can go to preferences -> interface to change it.


Do you know if there is a way to get the posts to be the whole width of the page? I don’t need the weird scrolling date thing taking up the whole right side of the page.


That dark is really dark!!
Black … phew!!!


You know how to revert back, right?