This format is easy to get used to


Mobile view


I’m on an IPad and IPhone. I do not see interface in preferences. Am I missing something?


Me likey the Dark.


Android phone- click your avatar, click Preferences, click Account, click Interface in the drop down menu , choose Dark Theme ( COME TO THE DARK SIDE)


I found it.

On an iPad it’s not under preferences. There’s a drop down for preferences and for Account. It’s under Account. Thanks your post helped me find it.

So if you have an iPhone or iPad just click on avatar, settings symbol, then the account drop down.


Yes, simple enough … even for me.


What if you are on desktop?


Click on your avatar in the top right corner of your browser.
This brings up a window… just beneath your avatar will be a gear icon.
Click on the gear and then look for “Interface” on the left side of the window it opens. Here in the Interface settings is where you can make your theme either dark or light.


Anyone figure out how to make the forum the width of the page on desktop to get rid of the date slider on the right hand side?


CTRL +…7 times.


I’ve not posted at the other site, since I’ve been here.

That pretty much says it all.


It is IMPOSSIBLE to see what threads you have been involved in other than scanning the little circles to see if yours is in there … and that is only if you were one of the last few to post.

This site SORELY lacks the ability to track what threads you are in and if there has been an update to it since you last posted.

The lack of being able to easily track what threads you are involved is i a GIANT ASS step backward functionality wise





I also hate that it doesnt list who started the topic.

I like to avoid threads started by trolls and it is a pain in the ass to hover over the first circle of every thread before I bother to go in it

This format is like message board 1.0 from the Prodigy and AOL dial up days


Directly accessed by clicking your username, settings, activity. I’ll look for other ways to make it more accessible.


I like the format. It’s fast and responsive and easy to embed pics and video

And there don’t seem to be trolls here. Far more collegial than 247 with mucb better mods


FWIW Jaded (or anyone else for that matter) – the things you mentioned aren’t an issue on a mobile browser.


Though remember I dont think all of the functionality is rolled out quite yet, right Nate?

Slow roller…

Dey see me rollin…


Thanks Notfishn


Sorry, late on this .Yes, there’s much more coming.