This hurts to look at



Yoda…So prolific Jim Bob Cooter is.


Ugh. Disturbing.


always thought Caldwell was holding Stafford back the last couple of years… turns out it was JBC afterall…


Should we add Taylor Decker to the list now?


Haha I think so. He has more td than our #2 and #3 wr and #1 te


So basically JBC was misusing Taylor Decker the entire time he’s been on the team.


Did you see the separation Decker had? And that throw went nearly into the upper deck.

Obviously the Lions clearly had no idea of the offensive power house they had.


Its like when he didn’t want to give the ball to Kerryon Johnson, when he was clearly the best RB on the team. Decker has now caught 100% of the passes throw his way in the NFL. Even Antonio Brown can’t touch that. He also scores every single time he touches the ball. Noone has been able to stop him in his entire career!