Thoughts on Anthony Gordan, QB Washington State

Anthony Gordan Highlights

They call him Air Gordan! I wouldn’t mine seeing him drafted in the later rounds

He’s my favorite of the day three pocket passers

I’m on board with this as well. Have half-expected the team to target him on day 3 after their time with him at the Senior Bowl.

I would much, much rather draft Gordon than Hurts or Eason. My only concern is I don’t think he’ll last as long as everyone thinks. I’m also not sure we need to address the QB situation at all after adding Daniel.

How early you think he could go?

I think his absolute ceiling is the late second but if I had to put money down, I’d go mid-late 3rd. I don’t see him dropping into the 4th.

I see chase as a backup period.

Drafting any other QB means that imho they feel the one drafted might have potentially as a starter or trade bait in a season or two…

See, I think the days of drafting a QB to sit for a couple of years before taking over are fast coming to an end. It’s just too advantageous in today’s NFL to have a QB on a rookie contract, it’s one of the major advantages one team can have over another. When we’re ready to replace Stafford I hope that’s the year we go searching for a QB.

While you might be right. I always come back to the fact that most QBs i consider elite started they career on the bench watching, not playing. This is why i would prefer getting a QB either this year or next so he has time to learn the game from the sideline before he is needed to play.

I think Gordon and Hurts are apples and oranges. To me Hurts is Trubisky with top of the line leadership skills. I watched Gordon a ton BC he was on my college fantasy team (yes I’m a fantasy degenerate) and he has everything you want in a gunslinger except his balls float a little bit on the big time NFL throws. He trusts his arm a ton and it’s not elite and I fear that may get him into trouble. He doesn’t have a ton of experience and restraint can be learned of course. But like most of the ex-baseball players he can make quality throws from the most awkward angles and footing. He also has a habit of backing away from the rush and throwing off of his back foot when climbing the pocket is available. In a way he’s kind of a hybrid of Minshaw and Falk. His arm is better than either IMO and he’s a much better athlete than Falk. I do like him but I wouldn’t touch him on day 2.

I think sitting for part or even most of your true rookie season is ok… it still gives the team plenty of time to maximize their rookie value, but I wouldn’t wait any longer than that (and it’s really only true of 1st rounders on 5 year contracts). Also, there’s plenty of excellent QBs who started right away, from Russell Wilson to Peyton Manning to Wentz to Dak to Cam to Kyler, etc, etc.

Good point, though Peyton is the only one i would say is Elite. I see him more as the exception vs the rule. Brady, Rogers and Mahomes are good examples of the benefit of starting on the Bench.

I would hope that after a year of learning he would competing for the starting job. Heck i would be happy if he started the 2nd season as the #2. Though i think we are looking at a 4 year contract. 3rd year definitely the starter though if he is not clearly the guy get ready to cut bait.