Thoughts on suh or poe

I think both players would work great on the line just not sure of the price? Any idea why poe hasent ben signed was a beast in years past.

Suh sounds like he wants very badly to resign in tampa and they are willing to bring him back at right price. Don’t know about Poe. With all the negative pub out there about Patricia after the slay trade I think it’ll be hard from here on out to get any FA that is worth a crap to come here now.

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Agree 100%. Players talk.

If the Lions give him a contract, he won’t be Poe no mo.


Shelton replaces Harrison I think, so I don’t see us bringing in another 340+NT. Suh on the other hand would be an A’Shawn upgrade in a 4 man front and could play SS End in a 3 man front. If we could get him for maybe 8M per or less on a one or two year deal, I’d be fine with it.


I often think it would be nice to have our own version of the “Williams Wall” the Vikings used to have. Those guys were almost impossible to run on.

We need to sign a vet DT.

Take it FWIW, but both Snacks and Shelton played less than half of the defensive snaps for their teams last year.

I have been saying this since we all started talking about FA.

Suh rarely gets hurt, can push the pocket even in a double team. His sacks are not what they use to be. But he is a competitor. You can always count on him giving 110% every play.

Suh for the right money is a must IMO

Suh ain’t being coached by Patricia.

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That isn’t surprising as those guys need breaks and both teams run different schemes within their schemes. But at least last year, we had our 340 plus guy in Harrison and our 320 guy in A’Shawn and they weren’t the same type of DT. I just don’t see us signing Poe after landing Shelton. I would welcome Suh because that IMO would give us a Brown type player without having to spend our top 5 pick to get him.

Suh will go where he will get paid. We have the money to outbid most teams.

Suh played for Schwartz who was a hard @ss. I’m sure he could handle Patricia.

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Suh to me seems like a no brainer could fill in for shelton or play the ashawn role in obvious run plays. Not sure on his price tag though

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Schwartz wasn’t a no fun dictator. Lots of coaches are hardasses - Patricia from all accounts is just a huge prick.

Belichick can do it because he has rings. Patricia’s stuff reminds me of the garbage that came out about Mike Babcock after the Leafs finally canned him - petty controlling and mind game shit just because he could.

I think it might come down to guys like Belichick, not only win, but are fair across the board.

This Patricia stuff comes differently. Like, he’s a terrible coach and maybe he singles out and lashes out randomly at certain players instead of having a steady consistent approach.

With SUH I could see him back here. Would be huge in pr alone aka suh is back let’s go type of pr.

For me i have zero interest in either one