Throwback uni’s

Just watching some pre game stuff and can’t recall the last time we didn’t wear our throwbacks for turkey day?

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I wish we wore them all the time.


I am pretty sure we did not wear them a bunch of times while Schwartz was here.

A lot better than these ugly gray things we are wearing today


The grey uni’s are a metaphor for this franchise…just plain old grey.


I personally like the grey uniforms the best… Hate the throwbacks

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Same here


The steel gray color rush uni is sharp. Especially Ford with a blue sleeve on .

The only thing worse than losing the game was those horrible grey uniforms. They look like pajamas.

Love the throwbacks. Hate the grey warehouse stocking uniforms.

The throwbacks look like something a poor high school would make their kids wear… Basic as it gets. The grey uniforms are sleek, there’s nothing like them in the NFL.

Thanks. I was beginning to feel like a man stranded on an island there.

By the way… did you watch the halftime show yesterday? Man, I had no idea who the Brothers Osborne were or what to expect but my rocked the house on that Gibson ES-335. It was brilliant. Loved it.

And you’re right about the throw-backs. A little too throw-backy for me. I feel like I’m watching a Leave it To Beaver rerun or Dennis the Menace. So throw-back that you swear you’re seeing it in black and white.

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I don’t give a ratz azz what uniforms this team wears. I want them to stop disgracing it! Then we can talk about fashion.

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It’s like getting all dressed up to go to the outhouse.