Time to say it...I was wrong

I was saying before we drafted, that I fully believed our Defense would be better because Patricia now had the help of Cory Undlin .

Now I’m here to tell you that I ain’t seen shit that says Undlin is was a great DC…I did not care for Paul Pas…but Undlin is no improvement.

believe it or not, I will admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong about Undlin.

I still dont believe that Patrica doesnt have his hand in play calling.His ego is way to big to sit back and have a coordinator prove him wrong by running a new scheme.

It’s difficult to gauge how bad Undlin is, because the defense is so devoid of talent.

THOSE are the people here I want to see admit they were wrong.

The, “this defense is going to be much improved” crowd. Nothing pointed to that. Nothing.

So many fireable offenses by Quinn and Patricia.


Do you watch the interviews with him? He’s drier than Sam the Eagle from the Muppets (and looks a little like him), yet says his reason for coaching is the relationships he builds with the players.

It’s hard to gauge coach here. That’s because the GM hired a buddy as HC. That HC hired his buddies. There’s no gauge of merit or anything. This is why this all needs to be blown up. It’s like a math problem. If you are wrong in the beginning: Everything else will be off. Hiring of the HC has made everything wrong. Maybe even the hiring of the GM was the start of things beginning to be wrong. Should’ve hired a GM that was more in line with our then HC. I’m not sure.


Too much forehead to be Sam. I’ll have to come up with a better comparison.

No, I thought it worked.

Though the results have indeed sucked. Don’t say nothing pointed to it being better because that is not the case. It was a fair assumption that Hand would be healthy and be a better 3t than who we had last year. As a rookie he played very well and was the best rookie DT at getting pressure per PFF. He has regressed badly from his rookie season, but that is something logical minds “thought” would help from last year where he didn’t play at all. Julian Okwara was a third round pick. In 35 games, he had 24 TFL’s and 15.5 sacks. Most had him as a late first early second round pick prior to injury and he was going to be healthy for the season. Another example of something “pointing” to being better at rushing the QB. It’s illogical that our staff has shelved him and no one could have expected that.

Harrison admitted that he was essentially mailing it in in 2019. Bringing in a former 1st round pick with NE experience was supposed to be better than Harrison circa 19. Very logical and yet not so. Jamie Collins was an all around stud. A stud pass rusher, a stud cover backer and provided an overall versatility that Kennard or Jones did not. Very logical that our LB play would be better going from Jones and Kennard to Collins and J Okwara. But Okwara is on the bench, Collins took over for Kennard where he doesn’t have the versatile role. This was not the expected path based on the personnel.

It was logical that Flowers and Walker would be better. That Harmon would be much better than Harris as a starting Safety. That has been true, but it hasn’t made enough of a difference. I don’t think anyone thought Tavai would be so terrible at stuffing the run from the MLB position. I think many thought a secondary of Trufant/Okudah/Coleman/Harmon/Walker was going to be a strength. Well Coleman was IR’d, Trufant has missed time and Okwara is being asked to play way more off man than press, which is what I thought the big physical corner would be doing. Not backing off and letting guys like DeVonte Freeman and DeAndre Hopkins get free releases of the LOS.

So, sure call me silly but there were a ton of very logical reasons to think this defense would be better and I just gave you a ton of examples. We were wrong, but IMHO it has to do with a beyond stupid staff misusing the personnel we brought in, and a couple key injuries. Not that there was NOTHING pointing to us being better.

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To be fair, Patricia didn’t know either of his OC’s. Didn’t know his new DC and only worked with his LB coach for a year in NE I believe. The results have still been disgusting, but just calling balls and strikes here.

All of Patricia’s maneuvering as been a failure. Why hire a secondary coach with no experience as a NFL coordinator? The TE coach is a failure! Jesse James should be producing more. The LBs are still shitty. I just haven’t seen the sense of urgency nor the commitment to even want to win. Patricia is a dead man walking

Why was it safe to presume Hand would start being healthy?

When a player has missed gigantic amounts of time for two straight seasons, you presume you CAN’T rely upon him, and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised if you can.

Trey Flowers has never had more than 7.5 sacks a season in his career. It was apparent from last season how desperately the Lions needed a pass rush; they essentially did nothing to address it except to draft an underweight 3rd rounder who can’t even get on the field – or if he’s on the field, nobody notices.

Drafting a CB higher than any CB has been drafted in 20 years, when everybody knew what the learning curve will be, should have left no one with illusions that the defense would be improving this year.

The Lions getting rid of their two best DBs because they called Patricia’s shit sandwich a shit sandwich, and replacing them with Trufant and Harmon … c’mon, man.

But Okudah for Slay was a wash…so we were told.

Matty P did not go out and get a real defensive coordinator. He got the worse secondary coach in the league to run HIS crappy scheme.

He’s ran the same scheme for three years, brought in multiple Patriots, and now says they need to dumb it down. He’s putting the blame on the players.

If anything their defense is too simple. The first game with a supposedly new defensive coordinator the Bears knew what they were running at the end of the game.

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Its like a broken record with this team. Teryl Austin was a secondary coach for most of his coaching career, minus 1 season at Florida where he was the DC. The lions promoted him to DC and while they were okay for the most part under him, minus 2014, they were just average.

When we hire the next HC, I don’t want them to hire the best x and o guy, I want them to hire a leader of men, then hire two nfl experienced coordinators to run their respective sides of the ball