Titan LB Coach Tyrone McKenzie leaving titans for Detroit


A steal for the Lions? My guess is he will be the new linebackers coach. 34-years old and only has a couple years experience in coaching. He was drafted by the Pats in 2009, not much since.

The Lions TE coach and strength of conditioning is still vacant.


Hmmmm, A coach the HC who worked with BB and this guy leave him for the other Pat guy HC to work for him in Detroit??

We will see!

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Nobody wants to work with Patricia!


Maybe Outside Linebackers Coach Shane Bowen is being promoted to Linebackers Coach for Tennessee. So I reckon this is a promotion for McKenzie as he was the inside linebackers coach.

Still need lbs to coach

We will never fill the positions! Nobody will take a “1 year job”

Except you know, there’s only 32 of these positions in NFL and more then half don’t open on an annual basis lol

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I was going to say Lions need to go after Jeff Haley, Ohio State’s DB coach. Unfortunately, he’s now the HC for Boston College.

Edit; Steve Gregory expected to be the new DB coach. TE coach is vacant.

I have to wonder why Tennessee fired him?

UPDATE [8:15 PM]: It has now been reported that McKenzie was fired per Paul Kuharsky.

With Dean Pees retiring, I think the Tennessee’s defensive unit is going to a big hit.


Yeah, Pees was the man.

It causes one to notice that Tennessee is taking even longer to handle their coaching replacements than the Lions.

Some thought McKenzie would be his replacement until Vrabel fired him.

That’s because Vrabel wants to pull a Belichick and not have a DC. Taking over those duties himself.

This is what I was kind of hoping Patricia would do. I was hoping he’d reduce his role elsewhere and focus more on the D himself.

Ha ha! Called it! Except this was when we were talking about who would be our new DC:




NE defensive positional coach or Shane Bowen the OLB coach in Tennessee who has coached with the Texans and now the Titans - not a direct NE connection but under two coaches from the Belichick coaching tree in O’Brien and Vrabel.

Along that vein, is Tyrone McKenzie, who was drafted by NE and though he never played for them, he was a LB when Patricia was the LB coach. He got hurt and ended up getting waived, but the two know each other. Vrabel has turned out to be probably the fruit off the Patriot tree we should have gone with, but he was also much less proven so. Regardless, it would be smart to see if we could get some of that magic over here and at our weakest position group. He seems like a fast tracker but maybe we can snag him at the right time?


The Official Site of the Tennessee Titans

Tyrone McKenzie is in his second season with the Titans as inside linebackers coach in 2019. He arrived with five years of coaching experience and five years of NFL playing experience.

Going to go a different path on this tidbit…

  1. I’m cool with a NFL doing whatever they think is best to compete that yr for the SB. Even roll with no DC.

  2. IMHO I think in the past, likes the Pats, going thru a season with a DC was not the first option. But once that vacancy happened, you have to choose. And if there are no DCs you want, I get it too.

  3. But, this one seem abit off with the coach we just grabbed. Point is… who would want to work for a HC on the defense knowing you can’t progress there up to the DC position.

You figure there are only 32 slots. If BB and MV both opt out of a DC again, you just took that away from some end as a career path. And if a team suddenly keeps that vacant over a few yrs you will stunt grow for the coaches imho

Seems odd