Titans vs Pats - coaching candidates

I’m expecting some of our Potential coaching hires to come from these two teams.

Is anyone else hoping on a Patriots loss so that we can know who MP wants to hire?

I’m curious what coaches on these two teams do you think are real possibilities?

Here’s a few that I think are possibilities.

Bret Bielema (NE DL coach) He makes the most sense to me. Especially with us having Flowers and with Sheldon hitting FA. Bringing on Bret could help the Lions attract Sheldon in FA.

Jerod Mayo (NE LBer coach) I know his names been tossed around. I personally think he’s a long shot but he has the NE connection.

Shane Bowen (Ten LBer coach) A young up and coming coach who could really help mold the Lions LBers.

think bielema could double as dl and dc?

I would almost bet against Patricia getting any NE coaches.