TJ and Kerryon

Gotta start making critical plays.

Both are young talented guys, both have to step up. We might not be having these ref conversation if kerryon catches the easy third and one. TJs missed some easy TDs too, although last night’s was a bit tougher (still shoulda had it). We brought him in to catch those.

Kerryon also fumbled on the goal line two weeks ago .


KJ hasn’t even ran 90 times this 2019 season…I don’t know how many times he’s been used in TD passes but he has 2 TD’s and 287 yards rushing…supposed to be thee lead back.

I’m more disappointed in TJ…he’s got to step up…you can’t drop easy passes that hit you in BOTH hands !!

I’m just holding my breath with him to become a stud, but not seeing it.

I like TJ. He looks real nice out there. So close on a couple of those. His hands are natural, and even though he’s dropped some like Ebron - I don’t think he’s Ebron. Plus he can block.

Its asking a lot of a rookie TE to come out and dominate. He’ll hit his stride next year, but I just hope he loses the case of the nerves and starts hauling those in.

I’m actually less thrilled with Kerryon. He’s been okay, but I feel like he’s lost his knack for patience in the hole and hasn’t taken some cut back lanes that seemed available to him. Plus the drops.

Like both players though.

Agreed. The drops are brutal, but they are both pretty young. I’ll be patient.

The real problem is that we are relying first and second year players to make big contributions. It’d be really nice if Ebron wasn’t a bum and we had a first-round talent in the prime of his career on our roster making those catches.

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I don’t think Ebron was a bum. When a player has an accurate qb, then they don’t have to worry whether to jump or dive or lean back to catch the ball, they get it in stride. It’s no surprise that Ebron lead the league in TD’s last year and became a pro bowler. No excuses for TJ and KJ. High picks making big bucks and they can’t be fumbling the ball at the goal line or dropping easy TD’s. It’s the NFL.

TJ is a rookie. He’s still getting his feet wet, but, has flashed more greatness in 5 games the Ebron did in his entire time here.
It always takes receivers and TE’s a year to really get comfortable playing at NFL speed.


Can someone tell me why the Kerryon drop was a drop at all. How many steps do you have to take to make it a completion.

So, no excuses for TJ or KJ…but nothing but excuses for Ebron (who was a high pick himself) !?!
Can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to try to make-up stories about Enron "not being hit in stride, etc.) you can’t be critical of these other guys, right?
Ebron has proven through his 6 years that he has hands of stone. Sorry but Ebron sucks, can’t catch, can’t block, and had that draft been redone now, Ebron would not be anywhere close to a 1st round pick.

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I don’t think he ever had control of the ball. 3 steps or not, the ball was moving around the whole time, he never tucked it away.

On the other hand I think that he had control of it took two full steps and was attempting to shift it from his left and to his right to keep the ball away from the approaching Defender and move it toward the sideline to protect the ball and lost it in the exchange. Sadly, I think it was another example of an opportunity for the officiating the job the Lions Monday night. Had that ball not bounced out of bounds and had it been recovered inbounds by a Packers player at this point I firmly believe the call would have stood as a completion and fumble but because the ball went out of bounds and would have been a 1st down/new set of downs for the Lions in scoring position, the call was reversed.

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I’m trying to figure out why our run game is so much worse with similar personnel.

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I thought the same thing.

TJ had a player with his hand up in his facemask. It was not an easy TD. It was a catch he could and should make but it was NOT easy.

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look. we have ONE RB worth a shit and an o-line that has it’s hands full, maybe half the time…they manage to run block. But anyway as far as RUNNING goes once KJ goes down tackled and that, we don’t have a SOLID #2 RB SO he can help KJ OR produce positive yards himself…ergo, we are rather a one-trick pony with just rushing KJ all the damn time. IF the defenders interrupt Stafford on a handoff, that won’t be very damn productive MOST the time either.[quote=“CuriousHusker, post:11, topic:2067, full:true”]
I’m trying to figure out why our run game is so much worse with similar personnel.

Our one RB worth a sh!t isn’t doing sh!t so it runs much deeper than that

KJ was injured LAST season and didn’t even play half of it , he’s returning from injury THIS season and has played 5 whole games. only/singleOur O-line isn’t a total—run-blocking line. yeah under Bevell they can do it at times but it isn’t solid ‘yet’ if it will ever be. KJ himself is the only/single-best RB we have, so when defenses shut him down when we run because they KNOW he’s the guy we are going to…that doesn’t help.

that is why I keep saying we need a legit #2 RB to PAIR KJ and help take some of the load off. that way we have a dual threat @ RB and we would-be more productive running the ball.

you dog KJ, but the man has played 5 games so far and is quickly approaching 300 yards as a RB…and has 2 TD’s “so far” this season. he can’t have more TD’s if he’s not given the opportunity to try to get them. I don’t hate the guy, he’s our best source at running, defenses know that and shut him down MORE quick because they already know who we are going to run with…easy to shut that down.

I’m not digging him. I like KJ. He just played much better last year. I agree that we need a 1A or 1B to pair with him