TJ DID NOT have a concussion vs Raiders

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That’s good news, if it’s true.

You think the Lions are lying?

I’m saying the NFL is one big lie! Sure wouldn’t be the first time they lied to a player about their health.


Read the article…he didn’t even get hit in the head. He took a helmet to the back and it knocked the wind out of him

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That’s what it looked like to me at game speed and in the review.
This is just fresh on my mind.


Nate Burleson also had a recent interview saying that team doctors lie on the regular.

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Calvin said that he played through concussions several times. The team knew (according to Calvin), but they didn’t stop him.


What does that have to do with TJ getting hit in the back and getting the wind knocked out of him?

I think TJ would know the difference between “I took a helmet in my back” and “I got hit in the helmet”

What is the motive here…what is it you guys are accusing the Lions of doing? I think TJ knows where it hurts and where he got hit.

It is not like the Lions tried to convince him he didn’t get a concussion when he took a hit to the head?

They held him out because he took a shot to the back. I think TJ knows if he got hit in the head or the back…jus sayin

I take anything the NFL says about concussions with a grain of salt. I still watch football obviously, but the brain scrambling aspect is hard put out of my mind. You can still get a concussion without a direct blow to the head. If you haven’t fully recovered from the last concussion, you can get another one with even light contact.

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I see. I guess it is possible to get a whiplash concussion from a hit in the back.

Your right. TJ probably had a concussion from gettting hit in the back and they lied to him.

Did he even play after that hit? All I remember after that is us throwing to Jesse James and Logan Thomas

What I said was in reply to notfishin’s points, and has nothing to do with Hock here.

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Cant they get fined for lying about an injury?

Got ya.

Yes…I believe teams lie to to players. I believe that players lie to teams because they want to play.

I don’t think a Dr. would have recommended Stafford go out with a destroyed shoulder and throw the game winning pass vs Cleveland his rookie year if they had been asked…but Stafford pushed them out of the way and ran onto the field.

But I just don’t see anything sinister about TJ taking a shot to the back and then being held out for a while if not the rest of the game

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During a game?

I thought the concussion protocols were done by an independent source.

Maybe not during the game. I took it as they are lying about it after the game. Didnt a team just get fined for falsifying an injury on the injury report.

Calvin was playing injured, a lot! Many times he was nothing more than a body on the field.


Yep. But I didn’t see anyone with a gun to his head.

Maybe they just threatened to kill his family if he didn’t play???