TJ Lang goes off on Hotel in Sault St. Marie

He clearly is upset about his stay there.

Funny thing is that I just stayed there myself. Just a few weeks ago. In this exact hotel. I also stayed there over Labor-day weekend. I felt ok enough about it to come back.

Was it’s a nice hotel … no.
Was it a dump … no.
I’ve stayed at far worse. But in Sault St. Marie your options are limited and there’s some real crappy hotels and motels there. I’d say this is a low 3 out of 5 star place.

Our room was a little dated but clean. Bed was fairly comfy. The room size was average. The flat screen TV was a little to be desired and the TV stand needed to be replaced. It was worn and a little too low. It’s a good size hotel and has an indoor pool for the kids.

I will say this however. Customer service wasn’t a strong suit. If you stay multiple days they do not turn down your room unless you ask. I kinda chalked this up to Covid. After a few days we called the main desk (in the evening around 10pm) for towels and bathroom supplies. We asked that they bring some up and they told us we would have to come get them. Apparently that late in the day they only staff one person. I also chalked this up to Covid. A lot of northern Michigan business have closed due to the inability to staff. We stayed in Gaylord one night on our way up and we’re shocked by how many businesses were closed and we were told staffing was a real problem.

Did he not talk to management about a full refund?

If I had a staff member call the cops on a guest bc he had asked that we fix a housekeeping mix up I’d give the guest a two for one (refund and GC for one future nights stay) without any resistance. I’d try to do so without being prompted if a staff member gave me notice before the guest did.

Maybe he did make attempts to deal with management directly but if he instead went straight to Twitter to try and damage the hotel then I just lost a lot of respect for T.J.

A lot of the employees of the hotel depend on occupancy for hours and those hours to support their families.

Why whine about it? Spoiled? Unmet expectations of a five start service?

Move on brother

And … this is the best the reporter could report on? Sad

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It sounds like he did and it didn’t go as he had expected and eventually the cops were called. But based on how he’s overreacting and demanding a full refund I’d assume that he was a large part of the problem too.

I mean it’s a friggen days inn for Christ’s sakes. It’s not the Ritz. It’s a budget hotel like every other budget hotel. The rooms are less than $100 a night. It’s a cheap hotel. Expectations are low.

During that hockey tournament the entire town was booked solid. I’ll bet he still stayed there, and used the room (because his options were limited) but it didn’t meet his high standards and he threw a fit (like he’s doing now) and it didn’t go as he expected. He did have some tweets about the owners ethnicity being Indian but he’s since deleted those.

I can say my experience both times that I stayed there were completely different.

yeah I stayed up there one time fo my cousin’s wedding our hotel was VERY plain and basic , the design was outdated, the service was not good, but they couldn’t put my whole family in at one hotel so half took another motel or something…and they had 4 times as nice place to stay and a pool as well…kind of a cool little town, but wouldn’t want to live there…

I’ve met a few athletes through charity events and one thing that I’ve repeatedly been told is that many of the guys who have the gentle, outgoing, friendly persona are the biggest pricks and that some that might be hostile with the media, guarded with their private lives are some of the most sweet, genuine down to earth guys you’ll ever meet.

T.J. has this jolly, fun loving persona. Kind of makes me wonder what he’s like to everyday folk when the cameras aren’t rolling.

I read a few of the comments and it seems like poor ownership is a common problem and that the cops are called unnecessarily on guest with some regularity. I used to stay in a lot of hotels when working out of town, I never hesitated to spend an extra $30-50 for a higher end hotel to avoid problems like these… It’s worth it to me.

It is weird to call cops on a guest when they’re not committing a crime. I can’t imagine how big of a scene a guest would have to be making to call the cops on them.

One of the commenters said the hotel called the cops bc they had dogs but they informed the hotel of it when they booked and it wasn’t a problem, but the owners found out and tried kicking them out… Another one said they asked for linens and the cops were called on them… Obviously there’s 2 sides to each story, but the fact that multiple ppl have said the fuzz have been called on them at this place tells me the ownership is shit.

Like I said I was just there. I asked for linens and I didn’t have the cops called on me. My guess is that every time the cops were called that people were getting overly obnoxious. I had multiple interactions with the hotel owners when I was there with zero problems. I never saw the cops called once. The owners even gave me a hand with a small issue.

Is it a well run, high end hotel? … no it’s not… one does not exists in Sault St. Marie. It’s a days inn like just about every days inn everywhere. It is exactly what you expect it to be.

Room are all dark when you turn out the lights …,

All I ask for in a place like that is no bed bugs, electricity and working hot water!!

I don’t need a lot

Hotels, even many of the good ones have issues. Employees don’t get paid a whole lot and many issues are covered up and placed out of sight to avoid any bad press.

I stayed at a high end Marriott in Chicago last summer, during a 2 day event we had planned for local customers. I was bit multiple times in my lower back, legs, and ass by bed bugs. I told the hotel and they sent up an officer to investigate. Then they sent their exterminator in to check it out. After a few days, they called me back to tell me it probably happened during my Uber ride. They didn’t want to accept any liability.

My luggage also became a lodging spot for the bed bugs, and I had to throw it away.

I have traveled so much, I basically despise all flying and lodging now.

Here’s my thing, being a hotelier all I ask is that you come to me first with the complaint before taking it public and give me a shot to make it right. That often means relenting in the face of absurd objections. Two days ago I just gave a refund bc a guest was sure there was a ghost in her room. Weird f’cking lady, so you just hold your nose do it and move on. It’s a customer service industry so that’s just the way it goes.

TJ says he did that. I believe him. The hotel didn’t make things right in his mind. That’s on them.

That’s pretty serious and being that it was a flag hotel I bet it was kicked up to corporate and from
there it becomes about defending the brand above all else.

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