To the group,

when I post, usually it’s with a broad brush, meaning I am not singling out posters to attack and wouldn’t…we are sick and tired of the losing ways. ALL of us, we are beyond fed up and frustrated about it. we all have huge hearts, minds, ideas, opinions, beliefs, ALL true blue die-hard Lions Fans…ALL want to WIN.

when I answer posts, I talk wide-range a lot…not pointedly at the OP all the time, someone posts, I reply IF I had anything to say worth anything most of the time I’m venting…but sometimes, I do point my responses right at you and try to make that fairly easy to tell apart…but sometimes they "get out of hand " or get thrown together when I mean absolutely no venom . So I apologize if anyone thinks I was comming after anyone , I wasn’t…esp in thee ah Stafford threads.

where I’m ticked at leaders and owners. so there :star_struck: my big day in the light speech… yay me.