To Tua, or Not to Tua

There are a few threads talking about the Lions taking a QB in the 1st round this year, but I’m not sure there will be one worth taking. The “Tank for Tua 2020” chants started after he came in after halftime as a true Freshman against Georgia in the championship game and took the Tide to victory. But after a major hip injury, and Tua putting up 3 seasons of game tape, is he really worth it? In my amateur TL;DR assessment, no.

Here are my notes after 3 games that I watched:

  • Fantastic when he’s got a clean pocket. Rarely misses open receivers and can throw guys open across the middle or up the sideline. A natural thower.

  • Not so great when pressured. Especially up the middle. Fails to keep his eyes downfield and has trouble navigating the pocket. Takes some bad sacks and big hits.

  • Better escaping outside the pocket than stepping up in the pocket.

  • Lightning quick release. Decent anticipation on breaks.

  • Throws a great deep ball with accuracy and touch. Both up the sideline and down the middle.

  • Accurate throwing short, medium, and deep crossing routes.

  • Comfortable with play action and roll out.

  • When he sees the blitz he does a good job of quickly identifying his hot read. This is both good and bad. Sometimes he gets into trouble when he misreads the coverage.

  • Russell Wilson comps are not accurate. Wilson is a MUCH better athlete with suddenness and burst to escape the pocket and juke defenders in the open field. Tua is a decent athlete with toughness, but he’s not an elite athlete like Russ. He also cannot throw on the move like Russ. That is what makes Wilson special. Tua is not that improvisational wizard. Their stature and clutchness is the only thing they really have in common.

  • Alabama did not have him throw to the boundary beyond 12 yards much. Does he have the arm and anticipation to make that throw consistently at the next level or will the playbook be limited?

  • Tough. He takes some big shots and gets up…most of the time.

  • Durabililty? This contradicts my previous statement but he’s been banged up a lot. I attribute it to college scheme (designed QB runs), his lack of athleticism that leads to taking big shots, and him not getting rid of the ball quickly when pressured. He takes some bad sacks.


A QB, with our defense?
What’s the point. Blount and Driskel are just fine if you don’t have a defense.
If you’re going to lose, you might as well get the first pick.


Not too shabby for an “amateur assessment”, great job. I don’t see the Wilson comparison either unless we are simply talking height. If a fan base is thinking they are getting the next Russell Wilson I don’t see it.


Stafford may play 1 more season or 9 more , who knows? right now we have backup QB’s if he goes out again in 2020. I’m pounding the table for reliable defensive players. each and every year we have the talk about getting rid of Matt Stafford that’s fine WHEN we ‘have to’ , right now we look at getting defensive help and like I say it’s Quinns ass if we can’t compete in 2020 for a THIRD straight season !

so he can’t take bargain players and go shopping in the clearance store Quinn must be serious and break out the checkbook IF he wants to stay in Detroit and secure his job.

again I don’t see QB being a massive need…vs O-line and defense.

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this draft needs to be defense. speedy intelligent playmakers.

maybe take a 5th on a WR, but there will be enough in FA to get a decent WR with decent hands.

Everyone wants the next Russell Wilson, but Wilson is a truly exceptional player. He can stay in the pocket and pick you apart, and he’s the best there is at making something out of nothing when the play breaks down. The odds of finding another QB with his physical skills and intelligence are extremely slim IMO.

I’d only draft Tua if he agreed to leave his fundie nut job father in Hawaii. What kind of psycho hits a kid with a belt for throwing an interception? Young man, this is your chance to escape. Take it.


no quarter back this year—next year—we have two many needs on defensive line ,speed rusher ,an a quick durable tank running back, and the “o” line–staff has the juice and the heart for a couple more years—just my 2%

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This follows what I see live. And the problem with that is that NFL QBs have to throw out of dirty pockets a ton.



No QB on the planet is going to help us win w/the D we are fielding, right now. Let’s get some dudes that make it look like a hand grenade went off in the pocket.

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Be interesting if Mia picks right after Det. A trade down may come into play here.

Russell Wilson couldn’t make up for our defense.
He’d very likely be on the sidelines, too.
Build the trenches. Then skill. Then Secondary. Then, we’ll be ready for a QB that hasn’t been broken and Lionized.
Btw, that ain’t gonna happen with Quinn and Patricia. They’re too emotional and reactionary. (:grin:)

By then we won’t be picking high enough to evaluate most of the QBs in the draft. I think it would be a mistake to take QB off the board just because we have other holes. We haven’t been able to put a solid team around Stafford for a decade and the mileage he’s out on I don’t think we can assume he’s gonna be around for 5-6 years.

I’m not advocating for a QB but they should be evaluated.

That’s kind of my point. Garapolo isn’t a first round pick. Neither is Cousins.
Tribinsky is.

Oh boy. You’re venturing down a deep dark path of acquiring a franchise QB. I’ll dodge that one. :sunglasses:

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Tom Terrific isn’t a first rounder, either.

I really thought we were going to have a great run game this year. I feel like that would have helped out our defense alot. I feel as though we have to go defense heavy in this draft or Atleast get the run game solidified.

Tua can scramble, maybe that will help our run game, but probably not.

Roethlisberger, Rivers, Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, Wentz, Rodgers…
1st rounders typically have a better skill set; that is why they are drafted in the first round. It’s not to say you can’t get a QB later, but there is a reason why teams trade up to try to hit on a QB. The position is so much more important than any other position.

We’ve all spent time in dirty pockets in our younger days!

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You ever heard Jim Gaffigan’s hot pocket bit?

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Yes I have, it’s a classic!