Today in 1984

Jack Morris no hit the White Sox. Will never forget running out to the back yard to reenact the Morris/Parrish celebration with my brother. That was the best summer ever as a kid.


My favorite baseball year and believe they’re the last WS champion to go wire to wire without ever being in second place. So many stories. The afore mentioned no-no, the 35-5 start (unmatched), Lou & Tram at the hot spot, Willie & senor smoke in the pen, Gibbys bomb in the WS, Bubba holding a WS pennant as cop cars burned…such a great year!


Chet Lemon sliding into first, lol…

Also, wasn’t it '84 when George Brett went batshit crazy over pine tar?

83 or 84, I think. I was actually on his side for that. You don’t wait 10 minutes after the GD Yankees cried about it to chuck someone from the game for an inch of pine tar. Dumb rule. Ump should have looked for that before Brett got into the box.

I was so pissed when the Padres won. The Cubs & Tigers were juggernauts that year and could have been one of the greatest WS ever. Instead we gave a bare bottom spanking that was to be expected.


“Black Jack” Morris. He went to his mouth and they called a balk, it was a cold day and usually an umpire will allow you to go to your mouth in cold weather. It shook Jack who ended up walking/balking the bases loaded. Luzinski, “The Bull”, was up with 1 out and the bases loaded. He did a check swing and hit the ball back to the mound, Jack threw it to second and they turned the double play. He never looked back. Ernie Harwell and a 35-5 start, winning the World Series, great time to be a Tigers fan.

Yeah not sure there many other no hitter with six walks besides Jack…maybe Nolan Ryan

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This is nuts, but MLB network is showing the world series and other 1984 Tiger stuff all day today!!!

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I just now caught this by chance! I’m a watchin’…

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Jim Maloney - 10
AJ Burnett - 9
Nolan Ryan - 8
Dock Ellis - 8
4 guys with 7
(7) guys with 6 including Doc Gooden, Randy Johnson, Morris, Jim Palmer.
(9) guys with 5

Much bigger list than I thought as well

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The Dock Ellis one I can believe as he was literally tripping on acid when he threw that no-no


He was. I really want Terry Gilliam to make that into a feature film. Fear and Loathing meets Bull Durham


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The thing I remember most about the 1984 season was how great Willie Hernández pitched. It was a beautiful thing to see. Hernandez was 32-for-33 in save opportunities with a 1.92 ERA. He ended up with the AL MVP and AL CY Young award.

If only Dombrowski could have built a bullpen.

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To late…

A pretty decent watch also. Lots of hidden stuff revealed.

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I’ve seen it. I meant a feature (preferably with Don Cheedle as Doc Ellis.) I actually starting writing a script 10 years ago. Unfortunately I have less than zero screenwriting chops

Senor Smoke had a good season too, stoppers from the left and right side, they were tough.

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Edwin Jackson walked 8 guys and hit a batter in a his no hitter.
He had 7 walks and 70 pitches through the first 3 innings.

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