Today's game?

What are some things you would like to see in today’s game?

I would like to see:

  1. What we have in Amani Oruwariye.
  2. MP calling the defense. (Most likely wont though)
  3. More running with Ty.
  4. Davis moving to the outside and Tavai get more playing time.

Sorry got bored waiting for the game. :smile:

I would like to see any other option at inside LB other than Davis. I would also like to see blitzing on like half the downs, but I’m sure we will sit back and make Dak look like a legit QB


I would like to see more blitzing as well. i hate only rushing 3.

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Yep and theres really nothing to lose here. Might as well try to knock Dak around and see if you can create some turnovers. Sitting back like morons again will result in a convincing loss, guaranteed. Put Tavai on Elliot, send the house at Dak.

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Designed QB runs with Driskell and more downfield throws than last week.

I’d like to see us start evaluating our younger players as well.


Agreed! Thats why i like to see them move Davis outside. I think if they can tell him go be disruptive he can do well. i think he has the skills to do so jus tnot the instincts.

More blitzing

Bo Scarbrough to get 8+ carries

Driskel after a full week’s practice with the gameplan

Incorporating Hockenson in the offense a bit more

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I just noticed that they called up Bo. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see most. Give that man 15+ carries

Dam i for got about Bo

I’d like to see some pressure that creates turnovers. I feel like our best chance to win today is turnovers and special teams. Turnovers ON special teams would be a double-bonus (field position).

Would love to see Ty break one or two. Would like to see Agnew get a nice return or two.

Would also like to see a healthy DL register some sacks (I haven’t even looked at the injury report, but I have serious doubts on this one)


Power running, QB run and downfield 50/50 balls could be a problem for opposing defenses. It’s a pretty unique combination that we’d have if we could get Bo going.

I realize that’s a massive if of course

We have to see what we have in Ty Johnson. However, I haven’t been impressed by him so far. He seems hesitant.

We need to see what we have in Amani O. He has the attitude and the size you look for. He just needs experience. Allow him to have some ups and downs this year to help his development.

It’d be nice to give Scarborough some touches. He’s the only true power back we have. If he is content with running hard north and south he may actually be a solid addition.

It’d be nice to see Mike Daniels close out the game and season healthy. Perhaps he will earn himself one more year in Detroit when we reboot next year. His injuries have been unfortunate but he has a great attitude and would be a good player/mentor for new players coming in.

I’m most curious to see what Driskel can do on a full week of prep. I actually like him quite a bit. He competes hard and he is very athletic with a decent arm. Could he earn himself the backup job for next year with his play?

Last but not least, I’m hoping we give the Cowboys a very physical game. Make them work to beat us and have them leaving Detroit beat up (not injured) and sore. Win or lose I want to see us punch them in the mouth all game.

We need to get Bo involved in the screen and short passing game. He can be a massive problem in that capacity

I wanna see Bo!!!


I also want to see us use TJ more in the screen game. He was fantastic at Iowa in that capacity and has flashed her as well. Need to use it more IMO.

Hoping that “her”/she wasn’t an attendant at a drive through window. We’ve experienced enough of those types of Lions already