Tom Brady vs The Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions 562 wins since 1930
10+ win season since 1930= 6
Division titles since 1930= 8
NFL Championships since 1930= 4
wins in SB era= 333
Division titles SB era= 3
Since SB era= 1-11 playoffs
SB era started in 1966
Lions have 36 more seasons than Brady in the SB era.

Tom Brady
wins= 216
10+ win season=16 (17 with 1 more win this season)
Division titles=16
Playoffs= 30-10
SB titles= 6


Should read, “Bill Bilichek vs Lions”, but the point is still taken.


In his 7 seasons without Brady as his starting QB, Belichick has 1 playoff appearance,
Two seasons with the Pats (Bledsoe and Cassell as starters), and he missed 4 out of 5 seasons with the Browns. So obviously, it must be all Belichick.

It is fascinating how you represent the “facts” to support your point. Good job.

The funny thing is that you must follow me on this board and respond to every post I make. And I am wondering what “facts” that I put out there that aren’t true. I am assuming you are using quotation marks to question something I wrote.
You can look it up. Belichick only has one playoff appearance in 7 years without Brady as his starting QB. But I guess that isn’t a fact?
You may not like them, but they are facts. Some Lions fans seem to believe an opinion or hope that something WOULD have happened differently are truths. Sorry QBHATER90, but that isn’t the way the world runs.

Browns were a rebuild. Every year improving. 94 made playoffs had that one win you refer to. 95 there is a documentary talking about the season being toxic and the team giving up after finding out the move to Baltimore was going to happen and Bill was a dead man walking. First year of pats was a rebuild and 2001 Brady was the very definition of a system qb that Bill molded a offense the worked with his strengths. 2008 when cassel was the qb they went 11-5 and missed the playoffs. You make it sound like Bill is nothing special without Brady. That isn’t the case.

Don’t flatter yourself, you post in most of the threads and the point of forums is to comment. Might as well express a different perspective if I disagree…you sure don’t hold back…why should I?