Tom brady

He is leaving new england

Possibly to Tampa bay

That would suck, playing in that heat after your entire career in the north. Like every game is an away game for him, now.

What are you seeing/hearing? How do you know?

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Major pattern interrupt for the entire league and fan base. Wowza!

I predict the Patriots have some growing pains, but get it right and keep winning. This will be revealing about NE. I think it’s been more BB than TB, but Brady has been a damn fine QB. Still rooting for the guy.

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I would think the Chargers would be a better fit.


Going to Tampon would be like Emmitt Smith going to the Cardinals. Just dumb. Would make more sense to just retire.

I am hoping the Chargers will trade up with us in the draft for a QB. If they can sign TB, doesn’t that possibility go out the window?

Wouldn’t think so. TB is just a filler. Get your QB you love and give him time to learn from the GOAT

LA seems like the most logical fit, but I also didn’t see him leaving NE either… Who the hell knows lol

Report is that Brady is going to sign with Tampa Bay. Who we play this year I think. Contract unknown, but I doubt it was about money. Wonder WTF happened in NE. Do you suppose it is a replay of Favre in GB, the organization wanted him to step down and he wants to keep playing.


Maybe New England have a deal in place to trade for the #3OA picks. Lord knows we have a direct line.

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Which means the deal is still in place. Do they have enough draft capital to move up to #3OA?

No 2nd rounds, 23OA . . . would have to be a player(s) and draft picks, but I’m sure Quinn is salivating looking over the Patriots roster.

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It is also possible the Pats are not trading with us but instead someone else to move up for Tua.

T.B. going to sign with T.B.

So, will the Pats get a comp pick for Brady leaving? If so, what would that look like?

If it doesn’t get cancelled out by a NE Patriots UFA signing, it’ll be a 3rd, probably the 97th pick in 2021 draft

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Thanks. That’s why Lions fans like us will never have nice things. They get a 3rd round pick for a 6th round pick after they got 7 rings and 20 years out of him.

Meanwhile, Bob Quinn hasn’t drafted a single player in 4 years that would return a nice comp pick. The Ford family are a bunch of schmucks. F them all.

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